hitting the wall?

I’ve had pretty good success using the WBTB method, it’s worked for atleast 5 wild LDs. but lately i am unable to make that final jump into the dream world. Just as I am about to make the entrance I hit a wall. It looks like rocks piled up on top of each other, and when i hit it i am forced into swallowing(which takes me back to square one).

This morning I hit the wall three times within a 1.5 hour period… :cry: i am stumped to why this is happening, so if anyone had advice or experience it would be greatly appreciated. :cool:

Perhaps it happens again and again because you fear that it will happen and you expect it too. Try positive affirmation, “next time if the wall appears, I will pass right through it”. Remember that the solidness (is that the word?) of the wall is only caused by you thinking it IS solid. The fact that you actually see the wall is encouraging because it means that you are very close to the dreamworld. Good luck with it!