Me and a friend were discussing being under the influence while being in a dream, and I came across an idea.
If you were in a lucid dream you could eat, oh, let’s say mushrooms, and if you’ve had them before your brain will know exactly what the experience is and you will have it. So I was wondering if your brain could enhance the experience by 5x (let’s say in your dream you eat 5x as much as you normally would, or the amount you eat has that potentcy). How about 10x? Or more? haha
Since your mind has no limits I don’t see why you couldn’t. But I don’t know if you would start freaking out, wake up, or even wake up and be perma-fried or something haha. Anyone have input on this last detail?

Only one sure way to find out, TRY! :wink:

There is actually a topic on that subject, try looking for the “ever taken drugs in your dream?” or something-subject.


Mushrooms take 1 to 2 hours to kick in anyway. Maybe if you can have really long Lucid dreams. hehe

Ehhh, I know this is not particularly PasQuales fravriot subject on the forums, (or is it?), but instead of having food and enhancing the taste by 5x could you try enhance sex by 5x. Or would this lead to problems, you might get over orgasmic. You could die from “shnoo-shnoo” like on futurarma. lol:

Just an idea. I heard Astral sex is sussposed to be better than basic sex. I couldn’t do this though, only being 14 and not having had experience. (or have I?)

Technodreamer :cool:

Hah, I’d have them kick in 10x faster