Hmmm... Questionning one of my experiences

I think I may have become partially lucid without knowing it… tell me if I was… Here was the dream :

Well I had just gone to sleep and I had just read Harry Potter and in my dream, I got a broomstick, and used it to fly… But it wasn’t dream like… I was much more livid ! I could feel the air rush through my ears and all these feelings… when I woke up I wasn’t thinking :" Aaaww damn… it was just a dream"

I was really happy, and I thought : “What a great experience that was !”. It just didn’t feel like a dream… It felt much closer to real life…


forgot the concluding question…

So was I partly lucid or can dreams really get so real ? So full of feelings ?

Indeed, dreams can be VERY vivid and realistic without being lucid… :smile:

And as you didn’t realize you were dreaming WHILE you were dreaming, it is not an LD…

points up to Jul’s post

What he said.

okay thanks d(^_^)b

I really loved that dream :happy:

Try recreating it in an LD - may be even better :wink:.

I still need to be able to LD :-/ I’m going to have my first try at WILD tonight… see how it goes…

Any last minute tips ?

Guess not… :tongue:

How’d it go? :grin:

not so good… I just couldn’t get HI and had enough after 30 min and fell asleep