holding on to lucidity?

i’m rather new at lucid dreaming… well new at this attempt. (i studied it in depth about 3 years ago, but quit until about a week or two ago)

anyhow, since i’ve started again i’ve had 2 lucid experiences. the first was only a brief moment, but the second (last night) was for around 10-20 seconds.

i’ve read many times that one should look at their hands or attempt to spin around, but that doesn’t seem to be working for me. perhaps i am just not lucid enough to even control my dreams that much. any suggestions?

oh - btw- i am keeping a dream journal - i have also tried the suneye technique, but i do not like it. it seems too “creepy” for me, lol. i tried it once while laying on my back and almost instantly felt the “vibrations” all over and felt as if i was coming out of my body. this seemed too strange for me so i stopped.

What you have experienced is called Lucid Moment. Since you have mentioned that spinning or looking at your hands in order to prolong your dream don’t work for you; may I suggest something? Keep practicing and it’s also helpful if you keep moving when you become lucid like walking around and browse your dreamscape. This way, you’re still very active in your dream and perhaps tricking your mind into prolong your dream. It’s hard to explain, but… it does help when you continue moving when you become lucid. If you feel that your dream is starting to fade out, immediately look at either your hands or at the floor with an intention that your dream will be stabilized agian. If it continues to fade out further, then starting spinning with an intention that you’ll enter into other dream… even if you appear to wake up in your bed (oftenly you’ll still dreaming… a False Awakening!).

Good luck!

ah, thanks for the reply :smile:

it was odd - i remember becoming lucid and then jumped up and started flying superman-style… i think turned around mid-air and then felt as if i was loser my “flying power” - the dream then started to fade. i tried to look at my hands or spin, but it seemed to fade too quickly.

i’ll definately keep trying - i think that “intentions” are key to success. seems whenever i set my mind to remembering my dreams or waking up at say… 4:30 a.m. i do. perhaps if i make it a point to intent to prolong my lucidity, it will happen :eek:

thanks again for the reply!