Holistic LD training plan

Hi Folks,

I’ve recently come up with a holistic training plan for myself that involves lucid dreaming. This plan started out as my training schedule for my long distance running training. I’ve since developed it to incorporate much more than just running. I was hoping to get some feedback from you, especially regarding the lucid dream induction phase.

The biggest focus of the plan is that each day has a specific chakra for that day. Monday is the 1st Root Chakra, Tuesday the 2nd, Wednesday the third and so on. I incorporate meditation and issues dealing with the day’s chakra into my runs, for example on Monday I try to run in the trails to feel connected to the earth. On Wednesday I do a hard track workout and focus on a very strong core and feeling the energy flow up my spine. I keep the chakra focuses in mind all day, and especially when I’m working out.

Here is where the lucid dreaming comes in. (I’ve come up with this method based on the typical LD literature as well as some topics from this board, I understand it not entirely original, and I am eternally grateful for those that have sparked ideas in me).

Every night I’m going to listen to a recording of myself reciting a lucid dream induction scenario. Each night is different and deals with the next days chakra focus. For example when I go to sleep Sunday night I will listen to a recording of myself saying I’m standing in a large field, gathering energy from the earth. I’m going to mention something that incorporates all senses -> I FEEL the grass under my feet, I SMELL the fresh air, I SEE trees, I HEAR birds etc. I have come up with an entire story, it is pretty basic, I start standing in a field gathering energy to my root chakra, then begin running as the energy moves up my spine. I’m hoping with some practice these scenes will become so familiar I will realize I’m dreaming and this will be a tremendous benefit to my practices in waking life.

This is a very broad outline, if anyone needs further specification let me know.

Any and all comments/advice would be appreciated. Anything you guys can think of to make this work.

Thanks and happy dreaming.

Sounds a lot like the VILD-Technique, but involving not just one, but multiple scenarios.


It would be great if you’ll post about your success (or even failure)…

I would view, given the thoroughness of the plan and the degree that it is being implemented, that the issue is not IF, but WHEN it succeeds.

Best of luck, and enjoy the process as much as the results.


I must say I was rather intrigued by the VILD technique and it had a big influence on my personal plan. I would love to keep everyone posted on how this goes for me. It certainly is similar to other methods, however It is unique in that it is a week long scenario a little different each night, and is directly related to practices in waking life. the results are can also be measured quantitatively (to some degree). If I begin lucid dreaming with this practice and my track race times improve drastically, i’d say we are onto something. for anyone interested below is the week long scenario i’ll be listening to before sleep in the hopes of a lucid dream.

Sunday night/monday morning-I’m standing in a large field with the grass under my bare feet. I begin to visualize trees, hear birds, smell fresh air. Each time I create something new I realize it is just a creation of my mind and that it is all a dream.

Monday night/tuesday morning-I begin slowly running through the field gaining energy. I can really feel the wind, there is a beautiful flowing stream next to me, which I realize is a creation from my own mind.

Tuesday night/wednesday morning-I’m now running like a wild animal, smooth and effortlessly. there are herds of cheetah and gazelle around me along with any other animals my mind wishes to create. I realize the divine energy flowing through the animals and myself and once again affirm that it is all a dream.

Wed. night/thursday morning-as i’m running I come to a brilliant ball of energy, I approach it and know it is a construction of my mind and I can change its energy into anything I wish

Thursday night/friday morning-I’m repeating phrases to the ball of energy such as “I know this is a dream” “I understand how to become lucid” “my mind is capable of anything”

Friday night/saturday morning-(saturday is 6th chakra/3rd eye day so this one is crucial) I tell the energy ball it is just a reflection of my 3rd eye, and I begin to look deeper into it accepting all the emotions it brings.

Saturday night/sunday morning-Now the energy has consumed me, and im focusing on sending energy into the universe as a sign of gratitude.

thats the rough outline so far, if you’re still with me thanks for reading all that! Hopefully i’ll get the chance to record my voice tonight and burn it to cd.

i’m very interested in the effects of hearing one’s own voice repeat mantras before sleep.

I will certainly keep everyone posted on the progress and all advice is welcome!

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So, if I understand well, your technique is to listen those recordings of yourself?

that is correct. I have a cd called “delta sleep system” part of the series by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. I’m going to record my own voice saying each scenario, and put my voice to the background of the delta sleep system sounds. I got this idea of recording my own voice when I got the Laberge cd, I thought why not use my own voice saying things I want to hear/accomplish. Obviously the repetition of hearing the phrases is helpful, My hypothesis is that listening to a recording will eliminate some of the stress of thinking over and over of the mantra, and even if my thoughts stray, I will still be hearing the phrases.

I have a program called cool edit on my computer which allows you to mix tracks, record vocals etc. it is basically like a recording studio for the computer. so hopefully this weekend I can record it and get the ball rolling for next week. I"ll keep everyone posted.

This seems like a very good idea…

Good luck.

This seems like a good idea. You’ll have a big intent to become lucid, and hopefully this’ll help as well as the recordings.

Are you planning on doing your workout in any LD’s you get?

i’m planning on running very, very hard in my LD, not necessarily my workout. it also depends on which day I LD. to be honest I haven’t thought much what i’m going to do in LD, still trying to get there first.

how did it go?

How is it?

Very badly I presume :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I guess so.