Holocaust Teaching Removed From Some British Schools

I won’t say much, I don’t want to provoke a flame war again, I just thought that this was a very important thing to post. The Holocaust is denied by some muslims, so as to deny the need for Israel to exist. It is important that the Holocaust is taught, so that the Holocaust never happens again. It is one of the most important historic events to be taught. Out of political correctness, this is being done. The teachers do not want to offend people, so they decide to rewrite history so it is convenient for certain pupils. This is like something straight out of 1984.

Holocaust Denial

That is all.

that’s just far-fetched.

But does holocaust really valid the concept of a jewish state in the middle east?

I think not

I read that article and they are not rewriting history but choosing not to cover some things. Not studying something as an option and denying it ever happened are two different things. Denying it is wrong but deciding not to choose to study it is different.
There are plenty of things that people don’t study at school but learn about elsewhere. Are we supposed to know all history from every perspective while at school?

Are we supposed to know all history from every perspective while at school?

Heh. I just wish they would cover all perspectives of the history they DO cover.

Ever wondered why the saying is “only the winners write history” and not “only the winners write the truth”?

That did enter my head mohegan … all history sources are not completely accurate.

Well, it’s just the fact that they dropped it out of fear of offending people. They didn’t drop it because they didn’t have time to cover it, or anything like that, it was out of political correctness for fear of offending other people. It is wrong to manipulate history into something pleasant, something that won’t “offend” people. When I learnt about the Holocaust, I felt like puking. But the teacher kept on teaching, and I was forced to learn it. It is an important thing to understand.

And any case, I thought Holocaust denial was a crime. By not teaching it, they avoid contradicting these claims, and essentially are folding to radical Islam. There has been a sharp increase in anti-semitism in Europe in recent years, and by not teaching why Israel exists, this will not help at all. The Holocaust was the worst act of evil this world has ever seen, and should never be forgotten.

All too true, although I had a really good teacher for history in high school, so I basically did get different perspectives. Although, really, I think WWII history is pretty dead on, because the Nazi’s were basically pure evil.

Not trying to “offend” anyone, which is apparently a big deal, but…

Sounds to me like these Muslims need to shut up and live with it. I hate people like that, who want to change something important to their liking just because it “offends” them.

I’ll delete this post if it “offends” anyone.

All too true, although I had a really good teacher for history in high school, so I basically did get different perspectives. Although, really, I think WWII history is pretty dead on, because the Nazi’s were basically pure evil.

Yes they were.

But the interesting thing is. They werent the only one evolving that race-thought. The idea of having different races and some being not as good as others was actually a branch of science earlier! :confused: also outside germany

this whole topic offends me. it could have been an interesting topic about the teaching of history, the sharing of ideas … the difficulties, the possibilities. But it is turning into a “let’s bash the muslims topic”
I wonder if it’s possible to have a topic about this subject without people resorting to pointing fingers at “the enemy”. In this easter season, it seems worse than ever :sad:

thats stupid… its something you should know about


This whole concept of “offending” people seems stupid. Can no one take the idea that other people don’t think the same as they do?

This is why Christmas is now “Non-denominational Winter Celebration”

It’s like covering it up. Just because you don’t want it to exist won’t make it go away. You have to face up to the reality (a bit ironic to be saying that on this forum).

Even my Christian school teaches the Holocaust.

It’s the most terrifying thing to ever witness! Proof that Christianity is the only way.

Um, how is this proof of the truth of Christianity? :eh:

Anyway, this is just as bad as teaching creationism in schools. Schools teach things based on evidence, be it scientific or historical. They’re only making more people mad by not teaching it.

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Although I am Christian too, I would like to point out that Nazis were very firm Christian believers, if a bit (or a lot) twisted in their interpretation.

Let the people decide if they want to learn about it

If I had a choice I would like to be taught it, it is part of our history.

Hmm, i read this, and had my own opinions at first, initially thinking it MUST be taught, and to do otherwise was ignorant. But after reading through all these posts (i think every one is right in their own way) I think it is in the end only fair that people should decide whether or not they want to learn it, as spartan said.

However, why don’t they do it like scripture class in Australia? Scripture was made “compulsory” in the sense that unless anyone had a moral objection towards it, they would sit through scripture. I don’t think it is enough to say that only if you express interest in learning about the holocaust, rather it should be, only if you object towards learning about the holocaust, then don’t learn about it.

just my 2 cents, hopefully made sense.

ps. by the way so everyone knows, deep down i think that everyone should be made to learn this history, i dunno, i guess its something that is important to me, but if it was actually a choice that i got to make i would stick with what i wrote earlier, only if you object.

Well, all I really think is that if you start giving outs to people who don’t want to learn something, then what next? People saying that math offends them, and thus it shouldn’t be allowed to be taught in schools? The thing is, is that in these schools where they stopped teaching it, it isn’t being taught to anyone, because a minority want it gone. What if I were to create my own religion, where it is justified to only learn about tiddlywinks in schools? Would it be justified to shut down all classes, except ones relating to tiddlywinks, because a minority of, say, 30 students are offended by algebra and geography? No, that is pure intolerance on the part of the Tiddlywinkianity-ists. They should not be forcing their own will upon the majority, as it is pure intolerance and inconsideration on their part.

And besides, when you begin making these types of exceptions for one group of peoples, others will begin hollering for the same type of special group-treatment. It’s like what the teachers say, “Give me the gum unless you have enough for everyone”. In this situation, however, it is impossible to give everybody their piece of gum, and only a minority of the class are chewing, the islamics in this situation, with everyone else frowning slightly, with dry mouths.

i just wanted to say that after some thought (ie. watching south park episodes, and also revisiting some of the hype about the danish cartoons, i have changed my stance about this holocaust removal.

I mean, once you start to ‘censor’ this, what gets censored next?

btw this article is relevant to this debate

timesonline.co.uk/tol/commen … 604995.ece