Anyone here read Homestuck ? If not, do, it’s brilliant. If so… hii. who2 your favoriite troll? =P

And I’m assuming you mean beta trolls because the whole thing with the alpha universe sort of makes me want to cry [i]why do you have to make everything so confusing, Hussie


[size=92]I was going to say Karkat but everyone loves Karkat and I mean
with good reason
and then I was gonna say Eridan because he’s my patron so I feel obligated to like him
and then I realized they are all my favorites the only one who isn’t my favorite is Gamzee

frickin Gamzee[/size]

ye2, ii meant beta troll2. anyways, iirl, ii’m basiically a cro22 between Eriidan and 2ollux. =P (but ii prefer 2ollux) ^_^

on reflection, and also finding out that I owwn a purple cape, I havve decided to do an Eridan cosplay. I may post pics here, depending on howw it turns out.

Hah I almost expected to find this topic in the Lucidity Centerstage subforum since it has quite a few instances of lucid dreams. (what with all the Prospit/Derse and dream bubble shenanigans.))
Huuuuuuuuge fan of the comic in case you can’t tell by my avatar. 8etween fanart, playing the music on piano, and dreaming of the damn thing. XD

So hard to choose a favorite! I love all the trolls and even the ones I disliked I grew to love. Karkat is great. Love Terezi.
For kids, definitely Dirk Strider. Dave is a close second. Just love their sense of humor.

The beginning is slow, yeah, but just stick it out! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

Yeah, I’m actually just starting Act 6 now. Btw, anyone who has the fanmade version of Pesterchum, add me - I’m sensibleSynapse.