Homework/Puzzles During WBTB

OK, this has been somewhat mentioned in previous topics, but I found this to be really interesting.

For the past few days, I honestly haven’t given that much effort to LDing. It’s the school week, and I really don’t have a whole lot of time/mental energy that I can devote to it at this point. But for two nights running, I’ve fallen asleep doing homework and accidentally done a WBTB (my subconscious apparently intervenes to give me a CHANCE at finishing my work :tongue: ). I would wake up, freak out, try to finish my homework, and get back to sleep before too long after that, never giving a whole lot of thought to LDing at all. But weirdly enough, I got DILDs both nights through RCs (while up until now I was generally only getting lucid once or twice per month.)

Now, I can understand why this boost might have occured. WBTB is my primary technique, and I generally combine it with MILD. But, looking at the results from the past 2 days (1 low lucid on the first night, and one on the second with 4-5 mini-false awakenings turned low lucids after that), it seems pretty logical to conclude that I just wasn’t thinking/working my brain enough after waking. the more you stimulate your brain during WBTB, the more likely you are to have a LD.

On that, I have a thought: if I bought a puzzle book (Sudoku, crosswords, mind games, etc.) and used it until falling back asleep during WBTB, would it have the same effect? I suppose it’s worth mentioning that I was doing different activities on each night: I was balancing chemical equations on the first night, while on the second I was doing a worksheet for US History.

Well I’ve heard reading is recommended. Puzzles are probably worth checking out, as long as doing them doesn’t stop you from getting back to sleep.

One problem I have with WBTB is that when I wake up after six hours sleep if I get up I can have trouble getting back to sleep.