Horror in the dreamscape: the ultimate list of evil DCs

Make a list of all the ‘baddies’ you have ever encountered :smile:
Just copy & paste this and fill it in (one for each baddie) :wink: .

Name: (put baddie’s name here. If he has no name, put —)
Encounters: (put number of encounters, type of dream you saw him in here)
Appearance: (describe what the baddie looked like here)
Biography: (where was he born (what dreamscape), has he got family etc…)
Now: (what is his condition now: dead? or did you make peace with him? or, are you still seeing him?)
Picture: (optional, put a picture of the baddie here)

I’m sure all this will make excellent reading. Who knows? Perhaps one baddie will have appeared in several different dreams :eek:

Name: The dark one
Encounters: In nightmares, 20+
Appearance: Looks like a black humanoid silhouette, is made of metal, his head is a metal tube. He is the size of a tall human.
Biography: He first appeared in a nightmare, the first nightmare I can remember having. It happened in my old home. I would seem to wake up in my kitchen, and noone else would be in the house but me. So I would make my way slowly towards the garage door which was at the back of a long corridor lined with all my family’s rooms, the bathroom, the toilets. Once I reached the garage door, I would hear metal clanging at the other end of the corridor. I would turn around and he would be there. He would run towards me and impale me on his own head.
:sad: . What’s weird is, while he was impaling me, he would say ‘foin’, which is french for ‘hay’ :eh: . Every single night, I would wake up screaming and thinking he was there. I even had an FA just after one such nightmare. I thought I was finally safe, but I saw him!!! in my own room!!!. All I know about him is that he had two sons: Mickey, like a miniature of him but with a red bow tie, and Leatherface (no link to the character from the texas chainsaw massacre) who looks like his dad but all made of patches of hard leather, he killed me once by tearing me apart :sad:
Now: I defeated him in a semi-lucid dream in which I was able to stop myself from going to the end of the corridor. I waited for him, and when he was there, I punched him in the chest, and he shattered like glass :woo:
His son, Leatherface got his revenge however, and tore me apart in a dream years later. I never saw him again. Mickey, I only saw him once, during the period of nightmares. He pointed towards me, and I was killed by his dad.

Name: Slam
Encounters: In a nightmare, once
Appearance: Looks like a huge, fat human but covered with green slime. He had red hair. His nose was cut off, leaving a hole in his face. He wore a dark green, ragged top and purple shorts.
Biography: I only encountered him in one dream, but I remember him very well. The dream happened in a scientific lab in the middle of a dark, gloomy coniferous forest. I don’t know why, but the scientists inside were extremely worried, and they all considered running off into the huge forest. So they decided to have a meeting. They went there, and I was amongst them (I was a scientist too).
We all gathered in a dark room with a big rectangular table. Everyone took a seat and one of them locked the door. Then there was silence. Someone was about to speak when the door was torn apart by Slam. Everyone screamed. He ran to the table and smashed it with his fist. The table exploded and bits of it went flying through the room killing everyone, including me.
Now: I don’t know where he is now, but I really think he went into the forest, stalking and smashing people to death :sadyes:

Name: Slashing wheel(s)
Encounters: In a realistic, ‘lucid’ nightmare, the night before my 1st LD, once.
Appearance: A huge, black, metal wheel with spikes. Where the spokes join is a big sphere with a number on it’s side in digital writing.
Biography: The slashing wheel is an anti-personnel weapon used by some advanced warring civilization. They used it against at least one (unnamed) dream city, which I was visiting during my holidays (talk about a vacation). Hundreds of these wheels came from nowhere and rammed into people, killing them. My sister tried saving a child but they were shot by a laser :sad: . Then a wheel came next to me and I read the number ‘456’ on it’s side, which went up by one when it killed an injured person. It seems that this number was the number of deaths caused by it. I backed away into a couple of ruins and it couldn’t reach me. Then it went back, along with all the other wheels, into the sky, to it’s mothership. Despite this dream being sad, it was terribly exciting :woo:
Now: That wheel I encountered and the others of it’s kind went back to their mothership. It was presumed in the dream that these invaders were pirates which roamed the planets looting whole towns and cities, and that they would continue to do so :bambi:

Anyway, those were my most evil DCs ever. Now it’s your turn :wink:

Name: Darth Tyranus
Encounters: Two dreams, dream one in a base and I was captured and taken in an airship :sad: 2nd dream was in Kiruna, he was fleeing to the mountain.
Appearance: See the image.
Biography: Dont know much about him, except that he is a sith-lord from star wars, he was far much tougher in the dreams than the movies :cry:
Now: Hes still in the mountain and alive, I hope I wont see him anymore :tongue:

Name: Suicide Asylun (not a typo)
Encounters: One Hypnagogic Hallucination
Appearance: Average looking guy with a pale brown sports jacket and blue tie.
Biography: All I know about him is that he somehow blew up his own head. The HH involved me in a coroner’s office with his body - still clothed but missing the head of course - when suddenly it sat up and introduced itself. Then, as I looked at the empty space where his head should have been, another him - with head on - walked behind the body so that it looked like he was standing on his body’s neck. :neutral: The whole thing went to hell after that, he was chiding me and all of a sudden my vision was distorted, all sorts of creepy images flashing all over the place until I decided enough was enough. I moved my arm to get out of the HH and sat up in a cold sweat.
Now: Haven’t got a clue! :tongue:

Encounters: One Dream in a volcanic tunnel
Appearance: A short, fat dragon-ish thing with red and dark pale green scales.
Biography: He lives in volcanic tunnels making flammable minerals with a toaster oven. I encountered him once after he’d kidnapped a person from a city to test a new concoction that let him blow on it to produce a jet of flame. After cornering him he bargained for his life by teaching me how to work his toaster oven and make the mineral myself.
Now: I haven’t seen him since, but I’d like to know his name at least and also see if he’s staying out of trouble.

Name: Maridadi
Encounters: a couple of dreams and a HH
Appearance: A scraggly ferret with gounds, knotted fur, and a scary set of pearly whites
Biography: Maridadi was abandoned by whoever her biological family was as a kit and subsequently raised by a massive long-necked brontosaur. She then set out on her own, overcome by primal instincts and began hunting to survive. When I first ran into her six years ago she’d killed and eaten all sorts of things…other ferrets, a panther, and even a couple unfortunate animal control workers! :eek: I ended up trying to fight her as a badger and get her to stop wiping out the entire food chain of the random forest she’d found a home in, but she gave me a good thumping before being distracted by the sudden onset appearence of the brontosaur that raised her :tongue:
Now: She’s still going at it from what I can tell, but at least now she’s not slaughtering everything that moves!

Name: Reapers
Encounters: One long dream
Appearance: Living Shadows is about appropriate
Biography: I have no idea what their origin is, but I remember plenty from the dream. They have a habit of killing people, and all it takes is direct contact to die. They can only reside in direct sunlight as well, if you’re surrounded in shadow or artificial light you’re perfectly safe from them. :peek: The best thing to do if you run into one is run, since in the dream I never found out a way to fight them other than staying in shadow
Now: Haven’t run into them since that one dream, suffice to say I’d love to encounter one in an LD and learn more about them!

Name: Fancy Headless Horseman.
Encounters: Two normal dreams, always slaughtered most of my family before coming after me.
Appearance: A Headless Horseman, wearing a tuxedo kind of thing.
Biography: Just turned up one dream with two zombie minions and started to kill people, he didn’t get me that dream. But came back lately and impaled me on a wall with his sword.
Now: I’m trying to torture or hurt him in 10 different ways before he manages to do the same to me. He’s got a head start.

Name: —, or maybe: “Burglar Hulk”.
Encounters: One short LD.
Appearance: Black clothes and a mask, under the mask, a bald green head, which he lost :lol:.
Biography: None that I’m aware of.
Now: He’s dead. He tried to run away through some sliding doors. I made him fall and the doors to close, cutting off his head. He lost his bald and green head :rofl:!
I think that he’ll be back sometime though, as a second headless person perhaps :smile:.

Wow, I thought this topic was dead! Keep up the great posts, guys!

Name: The Musician
Encounters: One semi lucid dream (this morning)
Appearance: A creature, possibly human, wears a monk’s hood made of dusty purple rags.
Biography: I met him only once, in my current school’s playground. Everything looked really high tech and modern, there was lots of glass panes and buildings everywhere. A person I know told me: Let’s go see the musician! We went into the darkest corners of the playground, and crawled into a narrow passageway between two buildings. it seemed very long, but then we reached the end of it. we went to a small room on the right. My friend looked for the Musician, and while he was searching I had a feeling that he was coming. I looked down the passageway. Surely enough, the Musician was coming hurriedly. I told my friend that he was coming. My friend looked around nervously and started screaming. He ran around but there was nowhere to hide. I saw a door on the left and leapt at it. Behind me the Musician was slaughtering my friend. I broke through the door and a window on the other side at the same time. I went crashing onto the grassy ground. I kept on thinking that I would break my heel or something, but I didn’t. I ran away. It seems that the Musician was a creature, possibly human, in which case he would be hunchbacked. He lurked the school and more or less everyone knew of him. Noone thought he was agressive.
Now: The Musician is probably still in that dreamscape, eating my friend’s dream-twin. I wont go there again, that’s for sure!

Name: —
Encounters: One dream when I was about 9 or 10, in my house
Appearance: He looked just like my pet dachshund at the time.
Biography: A strange creature that looked identical to my pet dog had come to live in our home. My mom mistook it for our dog, but it was in fact, evil. It spoke in an evil sounding voice (I think it may have had a British accent too, but I’m not sure.) It had an “Evil Genius” aura to it, but I don’t remember exactly what evil things it did.
Now: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since the dream.
Picture: —

Name: Leprechaun Guy
Encounters: Once
Appearance: Short, Green clothes, creepy looking face, looks like a leprechaun
Biography: The Leprechaun put me in a headlock, he was about to punch me in the face, and I awoke

Name: “The” (creative isn’t it?)
Encounters: My first LD where In my city. Medieval half of the city. twice.
Appearance: Hooded but underneath half hair black half blonde. He used a bow.
Biography: Who knows?
Now: Hiding in the mountains on the east side of the city (All I had to do was create a female DC like him and BAM! he leaves to the mountains with her)

Name: The Iron Bounty Hunter! Yes, we called him that in the dream xD
Encounters: One dream… at both a museum and my home… right before I joined LD4all… no nightmares since!
Appearance Iron Man/Jango Fett… kind of weird!
Biography A weird bounty hunter who goes after people with INFO and ARTIFACTS instead of cash… The most well known bounty hunter in the world! In fact, he’s the most ruthless man alive!
Now: He ran off when he couldn’t break into the bathroom I was hiding in.

Name: General Twister
Encounters One random ND where I was attacked my 3 tornadoes! At my mom’s reunion//golf course picnic
Appearance He looked like a water spout… but on a golf course! I had a video-game like boss health bar that showed a tornado with a blue general hat!
Biography A Tornado… that commands other tornadoes…
Now: Up in the sky… gone forever! But, he killed me :ack:

Name: The HVC Gang
Encounters Two dreams… both in the same dreamscape, my home! One was a group of three guys, and the other attack, only one guy tried. The latter dream was an LD
Appearance Err… One guy was older… looked like “Dr. Gero” from Dragon Ball Z… and the hat that said RR (for Red Ribbon) said HVC. Quote: I see a few people, one old man and a few 30 year olds were standing around a small green car. They were barely illuminated by the light. The old man looked very psychotic as if he’s ready to kill anyone, even at his age. The oldest looking of the other guys had grey-black hair and had a very sleek build. He seemed to be a very swift runner, and he also had hair like Tom Cruise. The next youngest looked like he was out of a comic. He had a cigar, he was huge, he was slightly balding, and he had some stubble around his chin. The other guy was hard to make out in the shadows. One thing I saw on all of them was a hat that said HVC. The guy in dream 2 was just a normal looking guy!
Biography: A group of people who have been thought as ghosts. They are ruthless, and kill anyone they wish. In my dream, I Googled them, and it turns out that every.last.person that saw them died BRUTALLY! And then, they set their sights on me…
Now: the three guys in dream #1 are still out there… guy in dream two had the daylights knocked out of him, and was caught in an explosion so I’m assuming dead… He messed with a lucid 12-year-old!
Picture: Dr. Gero:

If an evil DC is one that tries to kill you or is coming towards you looking like he’s going to kill you, then I’ve got a new one!

Name: Giant Caterpillar
Encounters: 1 normal dream. When it’s “patrol route” was disturbed by the attack by an insect-dog it came after me. That dog was what eventually saved me and gave me time to wake up.
Appearance: It looks like a giant caterpillar, amber of color, has claws for legs… and is pretty big, as the name describes.
Biography: None.
Now: Not sure. It’s either dead or it’s not. I woke up when the insect dog was fighting it.
Picture:Now imagine that it has thick insect armor, claws as feet, is really big and looks angry.

Oh! When using the toilet, I remembered another:

Name: The Toilet Monster
Encounters: One ND… in the toilet xD
Appearance: Like… Medusa but totally grey, and the hair isn’t snakes, but you might think otherwise by looking at her!
Biography: A weird… head… that lives inside your toilet… when you sit down to… crap… it jumps up and bites your behind with large vampire-like teeth.
Now: I believe she’s dead… I gave her a good kick… I mean, she’s a head inside a toilet!

Name: Striped Barracuda-Headed Rooster-comb-Crowned Worm (Parasite)
Encounters: One of those rare dreams where I look in the mirror and see no distortion, and one of these began wriggling out of my cheek. It can’t be pinched or crushed to death, and it’s too slippery to just hold in cupped hands (besides, it will then try to burrow itself into any exposed flesh.)
The colors are too bright, but now that I think about it I can’t even recall if it was a tiger-striped or zebra-striped worm. The scribble in my journal is done in pencil, and I didn’t write what color it was. I remember a lot of bright red…
Biography: I get the sense that it’s a relative of scarlet string/thread/yarn worms that crawl in through the soles of the feet and leave sharp pains for several minutes after waking up. But the Stringworms are sticky with simple bodies (i.e., no distinguishable heads or tails) while the Striped Barracuda-Headed Rooster-comb-Crowned Worm Parasite has an elaborate collection of body parts, and is highly active. Does not seem to cause remnant pain, but the memory of the way it moves can be enough to drive sensitive people to near-hysterical disgust.
Now: In a thick glass jar filled with gasoline and formaldehyde, covered with yet another thick glass jar in case the smaller one breaks. Trapped, but still wriggling last I saw so it’s possible that those fluids don’t really kill it.

Will consider manifesting a potent deworming tablet in the dreamworld, or possibly resolve Father Issues.

Great idea.
Encounters: 3, possibly 4 encounters in NDs.
Appearance: All I can tell for sure is that she’s female. I have never really been able to get a good at her, but I think she has dirty blond hair, is of moderate height, and thin, though not to an extreme degree.
Biography: In the first dream she appeared in, it was winter. She sat on a park bench, coldly watching me struggle to fix a piano, not helping even when it almost fell on me. In the next dream, she had superpowers and was trying to kill me. I also had superpowers, but on the other hand, I was weak from inhaling kryptonite. After a fierce battle, I was able to escape. In the third dream, she had an invisibility cloak and I had to chase her through a sewer system. She demonstrated the ability to create cyclones at will.
Now: Hasn’t appeared in a while, but I’m pretty sure she’s still hunting me.

Name: ----
Encounters: Twice.
Appearance: ----
Biography: Probably the only nightmare I can remember. (I’d love to have more. :grin: Then, I’d not only have the thrill of a nightmare, I might have a chance of going lucid! :grin: ) I have a third person view in this dream. The view of a security camera. The actual me is a scientist, in a white labcoat. I’m walking around a seemingly empty labratory, with my sister. No monsters. No ghosts. I see nothing freaky in this dream. However, I hear, something freaky. Someone - something - is moaning in the background. It is the only nightmare I can ever remember. Hopefully I’ll have one tonight. :happy:
Now: I’ve never, ever, heard that moaning in any other dream. However, only a while back, I had that exact same dream. Maybe I’ll go in that science lab, and and find out what’s moaning one day.

I’ve had several baddies, but this one is probably the most interesting one:

Name: Jack Nicholson Demon

Encounters: A single normal dream, mostly action-oriented. Not really a nightmare, as it wasn’t scary. Was seen chasing after me and some friends, as we fled in a mine cart.

Appearance: Normally, he looks like a younger Jack Nicholson… Think back to the first Batman movie or so. He wears a tux and sunglasses. When he was chasing us, he would grow huge black wings which looked like a bat’s. Sometimes he’d also look like a huge demon-like dark form which wasn’t really clear, but reminds me of The SoulTaker, but this form was usually for short periods of time.

Biography: Jack’s story wasn’t really explained. At first, me and my friend G. were sneaking in some place to steal Einstein’s brain. The dream jumped and we were escaping in a mine from the Demon Jack. We jumped on a mine cart and eventually outran him. Soon after he came flying and attacking us by barfing s*** (literally).

Now: Unknown. We managed to protect ourselves for a while, but after this he jumped on the mine cart as well. I woke up before we could beat him, so his current status is unknown (though Jack Nicholson, not as a demon, has showed in my dreams other times again).

Like this, but with black tux and younger.

Name: – (maybe Night Monks or The Unknowns)

Encounters: One ND this morning… Not really an “encounter” so much as a… hallucination or… thought… Which somehow transferred from Ghostie at a sports/drama competition

Appearance: Kind of blue-ish tint to everything, looks like a monk of some sorts… like the picture below… I guess

Biography: They are supernatural monks who can control and corrupt minds, but only one at a time. As soon as another person knows about them, they can transfer to the new person, and so forth. They got Ghostie to run off and kill someone when it was our turn in the competition… our team made it to the quarterfinals in some ball-tossing improv competition… ANYWAYS! Ghostie came back and told me everything… in some sort of weird chant about how he was sorry and he killed someone…

Now: Probably in my head in that specific dreamscape… maybe, maybe not… they could still be haunting Ghostie… not sure…


Name: “Power Man Spider”
Encounters: i remember once but may have been a few times
Appearance: the body was about the size of 2 fists put together and looked like an orange and black tarantula.
Biography: i went out my front door and fell over somehow. there was a huge web on a bush beside the doorway and the massive eight-legged thing came out of it. i heard a voice saying they found a ‘power man spider’ (hence the name). i tried to move but i felt like i was paralyzed.
Now: i dont even want to think about it or i’ll probably have nightmares again.
Pictures: i am NOT looking for spider pictures…

Name: " The Fish Men"
Encounters: once
Appearance: they are humanoid but have limbs and parts of their body were made of fish and squid. they look generally the same but one has hair.
Biography: i saw these guys while dreaming im in a forest with pine trees. i was walking with a lady and 2 other people over a bridge. one of the fish men jumped onto the bridge and said the lady was going to be his queen. after we all got away somehow he chases after us. when i hid behind a tree i saw him flying overhead then he was walking near where i was. the lady flew over to me and then came the other fish man and started looking for us as well. the lady suddenly made a noise and they try and trap us on a cliff. we fly away and they fall down into a resort pool below.
Now: i think one of them lives in the resort now with the lady because after they fell down one of them transformed into a normal human and the lady started serving him…