Hosting my lucid dreaming site

I am creatign a lucid dreamign community, and wish to host it. I have it hosted for free, but the current host is always going down, and it has become impossible to work on my site.

Does anyoen know any decent free hosts that offer PHP and msSQL, or any other database.

googles your best friend … shouldn’t be too hard to get 50 megs of it, but u’ll get a few ads.

Here’s a few: is good, comes with a free domain, and a few subdomains, FTP, php and mysql. Free. Offers php mysql, FTP and i think your own domain name at

and a good domain place is https://dot.tkyou can get three free domain names (

Correction: Apart from .tk, there are no free domains. allows you to use a domain you’ve already registered with their free hosting. offers a free MySQL database, 100MB space and 1GB bandwidth. They give 5 subdomains.

You even get POP mail accounts :smile:.