Hot People

Has anyone had sex with Britney Spears or some other extremely hot person in a lucid dream? Damn, if i could only LD at will… i’m working at it! lol :wink:

was there really any reason for me to look here :eh:

can I second that?

well, since the question has been asked, I’ve tried for this girl at school… but failed miserably. Repeatedly. Stupid subconscious.
please, please let this die.


well i have slept with Colin Farrel in a lucid dream.
I really enjoyed talking to him but. hehe. there you go.

lol dont blame the guy after seeing her new music video :wink:

Yeah, that new music video, you can see her panties and her ass. Shes such a whore. She really isn’t that hot without a ton of makeup and slutty clothes. Anyone that likes Christina, I have a picture of her you’d love to see. If I had a lucid dream I think sex would be the last thing on my mind, I can aready do that with really hot girls and boys. I’d much rather fly or something of the sort.

You know… Britney Spears might not ‘really’ be that hot, but she sure looked ok last night… So I guess, my LD retouch a hottie works ok huh…

I’ve noticed the same thing. It seems like in an LD you see what you expect to see, so imperfections tend to go away.

Lucid Sky Dreams, first WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S NOT THAT HOT WITHOUT A TON OF MAKEUP AND IS A WHORE! Her body is also perfect, and even without makeup, DAMN! She is perfect, IMO. But yea, that’s true u can have sex in real life with people, but in a dream there’s no need for protection and you can’t do Britney in real life! But wow, i’m surprised people responded to this! lol

I personally dont think Britney is hot at all… I have meet other real hot chicks though…

“I’ve noticed the same thing. It seems like in an LD you see what you expect to see, so imperfections tend to go away.”

Same happens in rl if u just give it a chance.I often find myself in love just cuz a small detail…smile,eyes,hair…hmm…breasts too:)its just the weay you look at things(eye of the beholder) and only you have an influence how you look at world.I just see this one fragment and put the rest away.I guess thx to this approach i see all females world as perfect:)Whcich is good:)
sorry taking it off topic a bit:)
take care:)

Well, this certaintly is a quality topic we got here, isn’t it? :neutral:

Well, yes! :cool_laugh: Nah, only 14, if I start that sort of thing now who knows where I’ll end up? :wink:

Since when are you a romantic Jack?

Btw, if you don’t think Britney is hot then have her bring room service while you ‘do’ Christina or something.

Then have them clean eachother up real nice and… oh, I did that, just remembered… he he he, anyone interested in my dream journal?

LD --> ISSUE CMD = eval((Increase BRITNEY Hottness) * (10) * (“E” drug))
LD --> Enjoy BRITNEY --> mmmh


If I had a dream with Britney and/or Christina, I’d be very very frightened of myself and have a lobotomy, thanks. Ewww. Britney. o_O;

However, I have no qualms if indeed Colin Farrell or Orlando Bloom showed up in a dream. Still, the few times that happened, they were both gay. Go figure. Or, if you like your sanity, don’t figure anything. :grin:


i thought this topic would be something like

" well it seems that people usually see very hot people sometimes in their dreams so a good idea would be to do an RC everytime you see a really hot person…, cuz it WILL be effective "

but…, *shrugs ***

both christina and Britney aren’t that great out of makeup, sure their bodies ain’t too bad but their faces no makeup… ugh well lets say i know why they wear makeup.

please reminded me that if i have a LD of britney to TURN THE LIGHTS OUT! ahem.

well i suppose it could be worse last night i had a ND that involved sexual acts with :sad: Kelly Osbourne :cry: