Hotmail Problems

For some reason it wont let me log into hotmail to check my mail. I just tried messenger and that worked, but when i tried to click on the mail link it did the same thing: a blank page but with some address with a bunch of numbers and stuff curmbox etc etc its like hotmail just stops, right there. Im able to log onto another (old) email account, and check the mail there. So like, does that mean my email got haxed??? (like RIGHT NOW someone else is looking at my mail or something!!!) :eek: Anyone else getting/had this? If so, did it fix itself on its own? LOL, i dont know why im worrying so much, cuz most likely i have no new mail. But still, i dont want some hacker looking at all my personal emails…but i dont know if its a hacker, so i’ll pipe down now. :tongue:

But yeah, anyone else get this ever?

Oh, woa, i just noticed its FRIDAY THE 13th!!! :bored:

Friday the 13th, lol what a weird day today was.

Cool though that my hotmail is working now. Hehe, no mail? all that worry over nothing! :tongue:

Hehe, sorry about this waste-of-time of a thread. :neutral: