Hours of sleep

Does the number of hours of sleep have to do with LD ? :sleeping:

Cuz dont you like have to get into REM sleep to be lucid I dont think im right , I dont know just wondering :eh:

How many hours do normal Lucid Dreamers get??

Gosh, I need my eight hours minimum!! :rofl:
I don’t tend to find the amount of sleep I get effects my dreaming patterns, but the quality of sleep has a big impact.
I’m just starting a sleep hygiene programme so I’ll let you know if I notice anything different! :happy:

I’m pretty sure that the longer you sleep, the more REM cycles you have. And therefore more opportunities to wake up and do some LDs or whatever you do. For example, I don’t think you can LD with one hour of sleep.

Actually, the less hours of sleep I get, the more likely I am to go lucid. For some reason I used to have a lot of LDs when I had an unusual sleeping pattern due my school and work hours. On certain days, I’d get maybe for 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night, then wake up, go to 2 college classes, then come back home and fall asleep for a couple more hours. During that extra nap in the afternoon, I had an LD nearly every time. Never seemed to get anything useful done (I don’t seem to have much control, so usually I’d just do whatever I was doing beforehand with somewhat enhanced abilities), but it was better than nothing.

Unfortunately, now that I’m out of school I have so much time that I can sleep for 10 straight hours, but when I do I never seem to dream at all! Why the broken sleep schedule worked is beyond me…

For an explanation for your Lucid Dreams, read up on WBTB because that was exactly what you were doing.

this may be me but everytime i sleep for 5 or 4 hours at night …then sleep after school i have very vivid dreams sometime of which are lucid…

Yeah naps/powernaps during the day are the absolute best time for lucid dreaming. Very easy to become lucid during a nap because you’re mind is still relatively active from having just been awake.

I’ve also had the experience that naps are the best time for LD’ing.

As for whether the amount of sleep affects LD’ing, I would agree with Tundra that the quality of sleep has a big impact. Technically speaking, sleeping for a greater number of hours will give you more REM cycles, and therefore more chances to LD, but that is no help if you are stressed out. Make sure you are relaxed and enjoy high quality sleep. Good Luck!

Yes, for me, the number of hours of sleep I get affect my LDs. During the school year, I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep and I don’t lucid dream and wake up tired (because I don’t get enough sleep =/). I have a harder time with dream recall, which if I get the correct amount of sleep, is easy for me. On the weekends (or during the summer when I don’t have school) I get as much sleep as I need, and I LD very commonly.

I usually try my best to get about 10 hours of sleep per night. I’ve noticed the best LDs that I’ve had though have been ones where I’ve slept for 12+ hours. Especially if I go to sleep early in the evening (say 8pm), the LDs usually begin at around midnight and continue all the way until the sun comes out.

Actualy you go into REM sleep every 90 minutes, as the different phases of sleep cycle round, so you will experience REM sleep every night, even if you dont get much sleep. However, the longer you sleep, the longer the REM sleep takes up within that 90 minute cycle. So yes, you have more opportunity to LD with more sleep. I also find that I only remember dreams if I get about 9 hours + sleep, so with less sleep I might just be having LDs, but not remembering.
(And sadly, I get nowhere near those 9 hours during school term >_<)

okay so i guess sleep does’nt really matter. A nap can give u lucid dreams too… :meh: