how a Wild Feels

I have had a few WILDs now and they all feel the same and happen in about the same way ill be sleeping during a nap or in the middle of the night wake up then fall back to sleep but realize I’m falling back to sleep so ill try to stay conscious my body will feel heavy and start to vibrate then the odd parts comes it feels like i roll right out of my bed fall through my floor and i just keep falling until i end up in a dream it feels so real i can feel and hear wind going past me.
at first it was scary but now i find it really relaxing

just wanted to see if anyone had any input

Not sure I understand … :confused:
Are you sure youre not having OBEs? O _ O

No no, that’s WILD relV.
Awesome that you can do it anytime man. You should post your technique for the people who want to try it. (There are tons of newbies who post topics about WILD).

i Really dont have a technique the only thing i can say i do is when i wake up in the middle of the night or during a nap instead of rolling over or moving thats if i relies im awake b4 i move i just close my eyes again and wait for what seems like 30 secs then the feeling starts and im rolling off my bed again lol

I usually fail when I WILD, but sometimes I have that feeling :cool:

I’ve WILD’d at least 100+ times, and ever since my 3rd or so, they all give a relaxed feeling. In other words, no crazy vibrations and rolling feelings, just drifting off to sleep while being aware. :smile:

haven’t been successful at it enough to comment much… but that sounds pretty remarkable…
Id say if its relaxing and does the trick then keep it up!

That’s exactly what I’ve learned a few days ago. I accidently WILD’d in the same manor, just woke up, got up slightly to check my alarm. Lie back down in a nice position, really relaxed and tired. I keep a small (nothing intensive)bit of conciousness there, then SP appearsafter a while and it’s actually quite relaxing regardless of the violent pshyical movement (It feels like there is). Also, you get the ‘falling’ feeling as though you are being sucked through the matress of your bed, it’s a weird feeling.
All the ‘counting’ and ‘focusing on breathing’ negates from the WILD imo. It’s just a stage you have to reach with a slight bit of conciousnes, not full blown concentration on something.

I now have a diffrent approach on WILD and with enough time i’ll be able to do it at will.

I didnt WILD too many times but when I did, I didn’t feel the “moving”. I just suddenly found myself inside the dream.

Quite possible you didn’t notice the transition, like you lost conciousness right before the SP came upon you.

actually, its not possible, its certain …
Surely, there has to be a transition, obviously, its a matter of noticing it :wink:

I agree because every time i have had a WILD i felt some thing before i ended up in a dream.
Funny story about that if you read my original post i said when i have a wild i start to vibrate then it feels like i roll off my bed and fall through my floor this morning i thought i was having a WILD felt the vibrating feeling then started to roll off my bed but i didn’t fall through the floor one leg hit the ground then the rest of me did i thought how stupid i just rolled my ass out of bed so i got up to get back in to bed and my bed was in the middle of a bar so i guess the way i became lucid was dreaming i had WILD lol kind of funny :bored:

I’m also close to being able to do it at will. Just need to keep at it. :wink:

lol at your bed being in a bar.

I have experienced a simillar falling sensation with WILD, but not many times.
Yesterday when i did WBTB WILD and the “flying to dream land” techs, i noticed the transition and unconciously tried to leave my body. I felt my dream/astral body striving to break free of my “real” one, as i started to move my legs out, i was snapped back to my body and thrown into an awesome dream where i became lucid and started riding and doing huge jumps on a road bike.

Some interesting feelings can be evoked in the reality/dream transition. I used to try and build up the sensation and release it as a burst of energy, a very intense feeling indeed.

im W right now, i think ill BTB. lol


There’s definitely something about trying too hard.

I had 3 so far, each quite short. I noticed even though I tried to WILD after WBTB I lost it at some point and then realised I was dreaming (although only partly lucid, I wasn’t really controlling the scenario).

In the book Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep the author also mentions somewhere even when you visualize things, you try to maintain a light awareness. Otherwise it keeps you from falling asleep. Strangely this book does not seem to mention SP at all so maybe the Tibetan way does not rely on WILD but increasing awareness in general throughout the night.

Anyway, the bugger is how do you have “light” awareness X_X

I found for me it happens most of the time after i have gotten a full nights rest and then go back to sleep after about 30 minutes of being awake i dont know if its just me but almost always i become partly conscious when SP starts to set in and after that i dont try to focus on much of anything i just try to enjoy the feeling works for me like 95% of the time. Idid find imagining a white lite in the center of my chest does help most of the time when SP sets in. I had like 3 WILD s this morning. i dont last long when im lucid so i had to start over every time i woke up from the LD lol