How can i continue a dream?

I had a dream the other day i liked, and in the middle of it my sis woke me, is there a way to continue it now?

Sure thing. :content: Some people can continue dreams quite easily, but most of the time it’s a really hard thing to achieve.

You could try lots of things—for instance, in a Lucid Dream you could try to go back to the place where the dream was happening and either continue from that point (which I think would be very difficult and don’t really remember having seen anyone achieve that) or watch the end of the dream from the distance (or from a dream TV, or in a stage of a dream theatre).

Now if what you want is a normal dream—you’ve got to brainwash yourself. :tongue: Try incubation techniques, expecially visual incubation (go read about it in the VILD thread, in the Quest to Lucidity Forum, it’s a nice technique to learn and master)—but only incubation works faintly most of the time, so you’ll need backup work: really wish for that dream all day long and show yourself how cool it would be if you had it again.

Chances are, if you by now don’t know how to get back to a dream easily, it will never be easy for you—but it’s not impossible either.

When you choose the technique for incubation, try to choose one that fits your style: if you’re one of these people, for example, who only learn in school when you write the subject in your notebook, even if you never read the notebook again, you could try making a contract with yourself, or a poem, something written. If you remember things after saying them out loud several times, go for that with your incubation.

And good luck. :smile:

When I was little I had a dream I always used to want to go back to. Every night I’d sit in bed and repeat to myself to go back into the dream (I thought it was magic… :tongue: hehehe I was only little). This worked and every night I’d be continuing the dream I had the night before. Unfortunatelly I cannot do this as frequently as I could back then anymore. As my friends say, the magic’s probably worn off. :content:

I wish! I used to try and try and try to get back into my old dreams when I was little, but nothing would ever work. I’m rather resigned to the idea that it’s not possible for me to dream of the same place and people twice, now. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to do, even by accident.

Occasionally, if I’ve taken a character from a dream as inspiration for a character in my writing, I do dream about them again. But they’re never the same, then, because by that time I’ve been modifying the original character for a story and it’s the changed version that makes it into the dream. And to even get that to happen, I have to be pretty much thinking about the character constantly in real life, which is quite draining. But good luck in your attempts, anyway!

I know what you mean. I woke up in the middle of the night from a crazy dream. I immediately grabbed my DJ and started writing like crazy. This dream was wild enough for me to want to remember. So afterwards I wanted to try and go back to the dream, and make it a LD on top of it. No dice. Ended up falling asleep and I dont know what happened.

Why is it that in the nightmares, we try to get ourselves to wake up, even our leg shakes to try and wake us up, but when we do wake up, we’re so tired that we fall back asleep and Fwoom! right back in the dream again where the monster or whatever is chasing us or scaring us is waiting for us! But when you have a great dream and you wake up, you’ll try so hard to go back in the dream and even try to trick yourself that you’re asleep, but it doesn’t work :cry:

Just a funny thought :tongue:

it’s easier if you go right back to sleep and think about the dream untill you fall asleep again

I know right?! :eek:

There have been times when I have woken up in the morning and then imagined myself back in the dream and it worked. I think you have to be in a really sleepy state to get good results, so maybe team it up with some WBTB.

Well like they say, “It’s all in your head”, :colgate: and in dreaming, both LD and ND’s that is 100% true. If you don’t belive that it can happen, then it wont happen. :sadyes: If you are afraid it will happen it will. :anx: That is why it works with nightmares. :sad:
So what you need to do is convince yourself, and your SC that it will work. If you “know” that it will work, then it will work, If you are afraid that it will not work, then chances are that it will not work. :bambi: So what can you do if you are not sure? One way is to train your dream abilitys. Just like with running, you can’t start with running a mile in four minutes. You may have to start with running only a few hundred yards. So if you can’t get back into the same dream, maybe you could have something from that dream in the new dream. You could try to have someone from the first dream in a new dream, or be at some place in the first dream in a new dream. Then work up from there. It can be learned, you just have to work at it. If you want it enough, you will keep at it until it works. :yes:
Naturaly, it is a lot easyer in an LD. Then you know where you want to go, who should be there, and what should happen while you are in the dream. That makes it a lot easyer. :ok:

I had another dream i really want to continue, so I’ll try everything you guys suggested.

I know of people that can do that but unfortunately i can’t myself which is really annoying when someone wakes me up in the middle of a good dream.

It didin’t work for mesigh

This happened to me and i wasnt even trying! I woke up from an LD and i just went back to sleep. I think i might have been using MILD while going back to sleep but it continued!! :cool_laugh:

There are a few things you can do. If you want to return to a normal dream you need to use some form of dream incubation technqiue (along the lines of VILD). If I have a lucid dream I want to continue I make a save point and then proceed there to resume my dream the next time I’m asleep.