How can I get what I want?

Hello everybody!!!

Last night I had a lucid dream (it’s been weeks since I had one!) and I woke up very happy today. The thing is this… when I become lucid I always try to play the drums. In every LD that I’ve had before, this is the first thing I try but nothing happens!!! I mean, I realize i’m dreaming, I “ask” for the drums and nothing happens, so I start to move as if I were playing, to see if it helps… and nothing. All I could get this time were the drumsticks haha. What should I do? What’s the problem??? I really want to play :cry:

( Oh, and this was the first time that I looked at my hands on purpose in the dream, that was cool! )

Well maybe if you extend the time of your lucid dreams and practice trying to bring the drums to you, or go looking for the drums yourself, maybe somehwere where they sell drums :tongue:

That’s a good idea… i just wait for the thing to appear, maybe i have to move around and try to find it myself.

How does it work for you? You just think about something and it happens or is it more difficult?

Moving to another spot helps me a lot, and it doesn’t have to be hard if you expect them to be there. Dreams are based on expectations, so if you expect them to be there, or not to be there, it’ll happen.

A few other tips:

Go around the corner and expect a dums to be there
Ask a DC where you can find drums
Drum on a physical object and see if that helps
Walk into a room where you “know” drums will be
Call out “when I turn around, there will be drums behind me”(then turn around :razz:)

Thanks Rhewin!

I have tried some of those (asking for it directly or playing “air drums”) but I’ll keep on trying. The thing is that I have to wait until my mind decides to LD again, and that can take a couple of weeks… in fact, last month I baredy did any reality checks, I haven’t been able to remember most of my dreams (so I have nothing to write in the DJ) and bam! I have the longest LD so far. :confused:

Usually when we want something at the beginning it’s hard to achieve so I would suggest that you go with the flow at the start. When you realize that you are dreaming try to do things which come naturally, don’t push things into something you want.

Let yourself to become more accustomed to dream space and situations, maybe later when you are more one with the dream then this things would become easier…

Thanks, dB_FTS. You are probably right, I get too anxious in the dream, I need to relax a little and go with it.

When first starting out, it can be a lot easier to use a more passive means of control than to “force” control. For instance, instead of directly trying to make the drums appear in front of you, do something along the lines of what Rhewin suggested.

One thing I’ve found that works really well (and doesn’t take much time) is to face a closed door and think to yourself “such and such will be behind this door.” Really believe that it will be there, and then open the door.

As soon as I can, I’ll try that, lolatheloner! :smile: