How can I increase my dream recall quickly?

I know DJ really helps but I want a way to remember a ND very well tonight.

Before going to sleep, tell yourself that I WILL REMEMBER MY DREAM. Then wake up gently, I find ringing, talking or music kills the recall quite a bit. Next don’t move and gently probe your memory for memories of the dream. Once you get a fragment, it will all come back.

From my experience nothing can be achieved this instant or quickly… At least not as real result, meaning that your recall could be awesome and great this or one night but not 7 night in the row if you know what I mean…

Oh, and basically what moogle said! :tongue:

idk why, but if i have a dream, i remember it, 5 or 6 ND per night (while trying LD) is not problem, i’ll forget the weaker ones after a day or two, and that’s enough time to write them down, but it’s useless, and the stronger and LD ones, since i’m trying LD, I still remember all of them :smile:

The only thing that will really improve your dream recall is practice. Just fall asleep with the intention of remembering your dreams, and continue to write down every dream you have. Eventually, your mind will condition itself to remember dreams, and therefore, you will get better dream recall.

Something that iv noticed is that when you wake up during a dream you’ll almost always remember it fairly well. So if ur really despertate to remember ur dreams and u have the time u can set ur alarm clock to go of every hour or so during ur REM sleep (around 4 hours after you fell asleep) and just write them down.

beware though only do that if uv got plenty of time to sleep in in the morning.

I tried to remember this last night. I found that I could recall 2 dreams! This is the first time in almost a year that I could recall a dream. I realized at the very end of my last dream that I was dreaming and I made a young girl walk forward. Does this mean I was almost lucid?

I would say that qualifies as lucidity–there’s nothing almost about it.

I agree with everything already said about recalling a dream. For me, nothing seems to help more than the tactic of lying perfectly still after awakening and probing my memory for fragments. Be patient! Sometimes I have recalled one or two dreams after a couple of minutes of being unable to remember anything! I think a lot of people, if they can’t instantly recall a dream, give up after a few seconds. But sometimes you can call dreams back by simply asking yourself questions like, “What was I just doing? Where was I? Who was I with?” etc.