how can i possible have a lucid dream??

if my dreams never seem real? they are more images than real life, i read about other peoples dream and i dont believe it, i never have a sense of touch or anything in my dreams, they are more of a blurry mess than anything. :sad:

Many dreams are like that.What you read are two kinds-one is just some persons vocabulary abilities to put in words dream events.Second are dreams indeed clear and easy to write down.
With more practice you will experience more vivid dreams,tho not necesarily it will be easy to put them down on paper.Just the way it is…when writing stuff in my diary i often stumble upon the proble of how to turn all those pictures in my head into words.Perfect solution would be just drawing them but i lack skills to do it.
In general…you will have different dreams…some will be easier to write down,some harder…some blurry,some vivid…Its because of many things-your recall mainly.
take care

One possibility is that if you’re just starting this whole LDing thing and your dream recall is still kind of low, it may be that you just don’t remember some of your really detailed dreams. My only suggestion would be to keep paying attention to your dreams - consider them important (because they are!) Eventually, you’ll either start having more real dreams or start remembering them better. Either way, good luck!! :wink:

You’re where I was when I started almost 5 months ago (yes, I’m still a n00b…on and off focusing on LDing), Tony. Hang in there, just concentrate on dream recall. A journal MIGHT be necessary (in my case, I am too lazy to use one, so my recall varies with the night), and in your case I would recommend it. If you get the mental willpower to force your way past your body’s unwillingness to get up and write, your recall will improve with the use of a journal (trust me on this one, my recall SPIKED when I forced myself just to REMEMBER…imagine if you remember each night, consecutively).

I agree with sage, thats How i got good memorys of dreams, though they still dont feel totally totally real, they are improving every day.

I agree with Magus. Rarely before I started down the Lucid path did I have dreams that seemed vivid and real but since then thats changed. I do recommend keeping a journal. The way I do it is to wake up and jot a few key details down that help me remember everything. Then later, when I get a chance, I write the dreams down in more detail.
I find this helps me to sort of relive as much of the dream as I can in my head and I do believe that giving your dreams this attention and consideration helps bring clarity to later dreams. I liken this to a plant thats not being watered or a child that gets ignored. A little attention and they will flourish.

Since I have been paying more attention to my dreams things have changed. On a handful of occasions I have even had dreams that were so realistic in sight, sound, smell and touch that I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming and actually lost lucidity.

The hardest part of dream journals is the putting them into words. Its easy if the dream has some sort of “plot” but if it doesn’t its hard to remember the order and details of a jumble of random events. Although with better recall I found that the jumbled events are actually all connected, I just couldn’t remember how. :cool_laugh:

Practice makes improvement.

My problem was not relating the events in words but in tenses. I used to write my journal entries in present tense as though descibing what I was seeing and thinking at the time but I have recently found that past tense works better for me. It allows me to use alliteration and references outside the context of the dream that relate a better understanding of it.

Also, don’t be too concerned with being vivdily descriptive about everything. Often times you can say “there was a white” house without describing the whole thing and that is plenty to bring it back to mind when you reread it. After all these exist mostly for your own reference so that you can meditate on them and get used to how your dreams work so you can recall and recognize them while they’re happening.

Are you sure you meant alliteration?(eg: dreadful, dreary, dark dreams)

At the beginning I wrote in present tense but it took me too long to write it in present tense. I switched to past tense simply because I can write it quicker. Trying to write something in present tense at 4 in the morning is not fun for me. But as long as the dream journal is being used recall should be going up.