How can i prevent this?

Last night i had this leghty ND, which i will not describe fully now, but it envolved me in a beach with a crazy giant robot-like thing trying to kill me, and some of my friends, he jumped about 5 kilometers high, and fell in the middle of the sea creating a tidal wave (Incredibly realistic). Which shattered the glass of the room i was in. He then grabbed me and threw me several kilometers into the sea (didn’t hurt but was still realistic and felt scary).
I swimmed back to the beach, and everybody was lining up, like we were about to be executed. I lined up as well and could see my lightsaber in the room i was before. But this kid walked in and threw it away.

This was a fun dream and all and i wish i became lucid (I would kick that robot’s shiny metal behind), but if tidal waves and giant robot’s and lightsabers aren’t enough for me to realise something is wrong, then what is?


Oh that doesn’t depand on what you dream. Some people dream of their house and realise they are dreaming.

Because you don’t usually doubt reality when you see a lightsaber, so you wouldn’t in a dream. Try doubting reality at simple stuff - windows, for instance.

Also, doubt reality at any opportunity - anything which is not perfectly routine may be a dream, even this post and yours’.

Crazy dreams are often harder to recognize because you’re so busy taking it all in and such. It is alot easier to become lucid when you stop doing things and things are mor norml. Because it is then you remember to question things. When you’re involved in a battle with a huge robot you don’t have time to reflect. It’s the same in waking life isn’t it? You say you will do RCs but when you’re hanging out with friends you forget because you’re distracted. Then when you’re on your way home you remember, oh that’s right, I was supposed to remember to question reality, and only then do you do RCs.

Yeah, TwilightDreamer and karakatoa are right. The dreams where I’ve became lucid in were all simple, realistic dreams- Walking through my house, playing on the computere, ect.

haha. sounds crazy. am i the only person who has normal dreams!!! everybody elses dreams seem like so much fun. my most recent dream i was eating a pixie stick in the back of a van…? :eek:

Krakatoa, that makes perfect sense, thanks a lot :smile:
Althought it’s going to be hard to get lucid then because my ND’s tend to contain mostly action, no chilling out.

Most of my dreams are the same way. There’s always something extraordinary like a war or a place that can’t exist in reality. I think it’s because if I had ordinary dreams, I would instantly start questioning even the slightest thing out of place (matter of fact, this is how I’ve become lucid in all my dreams) and it’s probably the same for most people. If you’re dreaming of an incredible situation, there’s no chance or way to question it because you are entirely convinced it’s just another new place you’ve never been to before. However, once you’re in your home or talking to family you become all too willing to question why the walls changed colors overnight or why your family is wearing clothing they don’t own.