How can I stop this?

I’ve made posts here asking for help on this before, but nothing is working.

Okay, here’s what happens: As I’m falling back to sleep from the WBTB method, trying to get a lucid dream, I am aware that I’m falling asleep. I don’t experience any vibrations like I read about from many WILD accounts, but I can see mental pictures going by. When I see one that is vivid I try to enter it and start a dream, but it usually takes a few tries. So when I finally get a picture that is stable enough to enter, I do so and am aware that I’m dreaming. But as soon this happens I get a strange sensation. Suddenly I can’t move, and my whole body feels “tingly,” like how your foot or arm feels when it is asleep. And then I feel like I’m floating, either up, down through the bed, or it feels like my legs are floating to the side, causing my whole body to turn.

Sometimes—rarely, but sometimes—I get to the point of lucid dreaming by DILD. That is, I don’t fall asleep consciously, I just become aware that I’m dreaming sometime during a dream, and this strange phenomenon still occurs.

This happens EVERY TIME I get to the point where, normally, I could have a lucid dream. Does anyone know a way I can avoid this, or am I on my own? I can’t imagine how I can stop it and have normal lucid dreams.


sounds like you are OBEing

that can happen if i try to enter images like that, it’s weird, one time I saw a pyramid with a dock, and somehow stepped onthe dock, and that caused me to go flying inside the visions or something, I don’t know, it was weird.

But go with it and you’ll get somewhere, just remember to RC when you “wake up” and OBEs like to give you a lot of FAs in my experience…

Well, I have to go with it because I can’t do anything while I’m experiencing it. It usually doesn’t last long. It happens for 10 seconds to one minute, I’d guess, and then it feels like I come back to my original sleep position and I wake up.

In stead of actively entering the dream try and allow yourself to be passively pulled into the dream. Perhaps this will prevent you from OBE ing. I don’t know if this will help or not but, it does not hurt to try. I have had many WILDS but no OBE s. However, when I enter a dream from imagery I always allow myself to be pulled into the dream. In other words I just let it happen I don’t do anything to enter the dream.

Also there was a thread where people talked about turning a OBE into a LD and a LD into an OBE. You might want to search the forum and see if you can find it.

You should try keeping calm, and seeing what you can do from there.

Also, when you wake up, take a RC, just in case.

maybe you try to hard to move and wake your body up. then you would begin to feel the sensation of SP.
Most people solve that by only imagine to move your dreambody instead of trying it physically,

good luck anyway

I have only had one WILD and that was the last time I tried. I had the same problem you had every time I was doing it. One thing that I did differently this last time was when I actually got an image, I concentrated on how the scene would feel. Like if you are standing there, imagine what it feels like to stand straight up as you normally would. I don’t know if this is anything proven but it worked for me last time I tried.

you also need to do an RC if you think you are free of the paralysis/floating and have “woken up”

you probably haven’t unless you were getting really scared or excited, or you tried to move.

I didn’t use to believe in OBEs in the supernatural aspect, but now I’m starting to think they are significantly different than LDs… but I’m not sure if this is just a placebo for me.

What I learned today/last night is that the HI state is vastly different than the vibrational state.

I tried to WILD last night and spent a very long time on it, somehow I lost consciousness/memory then was in vibrations… now… this gave me an OBE, I was rather scared at the time, being my first directly conscious WILD… but I noticed the movement was directed exactly by thought, it feels like being possessed, like why did I just whisk to my window? Oh, becuase I thought about it… but I still had a “deformed” sort of “body” somehow that I could move… so I think I was in a hybrid OBE/LD…

So anyway, the thing is, I wanted to LD, okay, not OBE, I tried to make HI, I tried to ride a roller coaster to simulate the falling feeling so I could fall into a dream… but I couldn’t… if I were in the right state it would have been easy, but, my body was clearly already fairly too deep into sleep to allow for that… (hey i could have been dreaming already? it didn’t seem that way)

So… I settled for separation.

The odd thing is, when I wake up in the morning, if I enter paralysis, I can/do often times enter clear LDs and places I want to go to, rather than my room, however any vibrations are subtle at best, and imagination and HI works.

I think there are a vast number of different sleep states you can be conscious in that produce different results… and I think that I was in fairly deep this time, too deep for traditional dreaming (which is why when I awoke I couldn’t just pop back to sleep, I had to intiate the sleep process all over again) so I’m not sure that I would say I was in REM at all… and I had already gone through any HI that were there.

It was odd… maybe you can’t do an traditional LD if you find yourself floating, or maybe it soley depends on a huge number of sleep cycle factors.

What I’ve found is conscious HI = good astral projections or lucid dreams, HI + vibrations = astral projection for sure.

Paralysis without vibrations = LD or OBE

Heavy vibrations = OBE, less likely to LD it seems.

Falling asleep/groggy + HI = LD if you can stay conscious, or if you wait long enough while not really aware but trying to stay inside, it takes you to the deep vibrations for an OBE into your room.

Hmm… it’s kind of like different trance states I guess, maybe.

This was probably more confusing than helpful but I know that I just could not LD from those vibrations for the life of me, maybe I wasn’t calm enough.

It just sort of seems like there are different states of paralysis now…

In my experience I have not found this to be true for me. I often get very heavy vibrations. When I say heavy I feel like I am having a seizure and I would just have a LD. I don’t know what the factors are that cause WILD instead of OBE or vise versa. The techniques to initiate them are the same or at least very similar but, so far I have never had an OBE just WILDS.

that’s odd

so you just end up in a dream scene somewhere, or do you count a WILD as you being in your room? Usually if I’m paralyzed and I end up in my room, and there was a feeling of transportation or separation, I call it an OBE, even if it’s clearly a dream room.

A lot of times when I WILD I do end up in my room. Usually standing next to my bed. But I am just dreaming not OBE ing ( As far as I know). I mean I don’t see my real body laying in my bed or anything and I can control things just like a dream.

When I do it I end up outside a lot. Either that or a room other than the one I am sleeping in.