How can I turn these into lucid dreams?

I haven’t had a lucid dream in a long time. It’s been months, and I’ve been trying a lot. I must have tried over 30 times with no success.

I have, however, had something strange happen most of those times. What happens is everything is very blurry, I feel very heavy and it takes great effort to move around, I feel kind of “tingly” all around my body, my surroundings are not normal, and I am completely concious. Whenever this happens I usually just stay still because it always stops and I wake up. I’ve been thinking of these as “OBEs” simply because they’re not like my typical dreams, and sometimes—rarely, but sometimes—I get the sensation of floating out of my body or through things.

If I could somehow turn these into regular lucid dreams then I would be having so many more LDs than I am currently. I just can’t seem to accomplish this, though. Like I said, I try to move around in hope of the whole weird feeling and vision going away and everything becoming just an LD, but this never works.

Does anyone have any idea of how I might accomplish this?

just try to stabilize it. Don’t blink in hopes of clearing your vision just yet, try to get your hands together and rub. Rub really really well. Then, while still rubbing (really gotta concentrate on it, notice all of the sensations and stuff, don’t let it fade…) close your eyes and tell yourself where you will be when you open them! That’s the only way i can think of. Good luck…

they’re already lucid dreams, maybe your lack of confidence in actually achieving what you think a proper lucid dream is, is stopping you from having full functionality in these. Sometimes i can’t talk in lucid dreams, can’t move well and like most people (i think) can’t punch or kick anything.

Like infection said, stablize as much as you can, rub your hands or touch something and it will become clearer. You will probably feel that tingle or buzz as well. I used to feel it not much anymore though. Lately all my lucid dreams have been a slow come on which helps as you come into it slower and clearer but the sudden lucidity is the hardest as it is common to get excited and wake up.

I often get these experiences with WILD. Sometimes a WILD will make a stable dream setting quickly, others it takes a lot of time. When I’m in your situation, I use stabilization techniques like hand rubbing, but also just try to get into a state of mental calm. Don’t be afraid if you can barely see anything, or if everything’s black. Continue walking, slowly, and in time the dream should materialize more vividly.

Yeah i experience something similar to that. What happens is I’m dreaming and randomly realise that I am dreaming but as soon as I do the dream world disappears and Im lying in my bed and feel like im tingling and i can also hear a humming noise. I try to open my eyes into my dream but i can’t. I did manage once to stay in my dream once that was pretty cool coz i was jumping super high but since then i keep going back to being in my bed. :neutral: