How close am I to a successful WILD?

This is usually what happens when I attempt to do a WILD, I do it when I go straight to sleep and the results seem to create extremely vivid dreams that I sometimes believe I’m actually awake. I lie down and simply relax until I begin seeing these colors and patterns appear.When I see these patterns my body has fallen asleep and I can sense the tingling sensation. After I begin seeing this, I let my mind run off into creating a scene, sort of like a day dream I guess, since my mind is awake. I begin to notice that I’m light and feel like I’m about to fly. When I become aware that I’m light, I feel heavy and fall back into my body, Sometimes I feel like I’m actually flipping around. I tell myself to keep making these scene and play along. Usually at that point I just lose conciseness. So am I close to a successful WILD or I still have a long way ahead of me?

You are doing very good but try all that with WBTB. I’m sure you’ll have lucid dream in a week!