How close do you think i was last night?

in one of my dreams, i checked my cellphone display and i noticed it wasnt working right cuz it mixed first and lasts names of people (even though i dont put lasts names in my phone) i also saw one finger and didnt realize it was different from my actual finger.
I read IWL a post here about a person who put the cofee maker near his bed and programmed the cofee maker to start in order to trigger a reality check and guess what, last night i dreamt about a cofee maker, i was making cofee in a weird cofee machine that i quite didnt understand how it worked. I also had a paradoxical structure in my dream (watched inception a few hours before going to bed)
they were kidna reality checks but i didnt do them as to check if i was in a dream because even though everything felt wrong i couldnt get to think “am i in a dream?”
so do u think i was close to LD?

This means that it is getting into your subconscious. :grin: It can take some time for the idea of lucid dreaming to stick well. I have noticed, both from my own on/off periods of recall and lucidity and from reading DJs on this forum, that dreaming about unrealness usually come a few days before the actual LDs.

Great, this is very encouraging!