How close to a WILD am i?

Hi, I just started trying to LD and last night i was up for about an hour just laying there coming down from some coffee i had and i did the steps to a WILD and my heart would start racing while i try and think of some kind of image and count. Also i heard about the spinning to remain Lucid so even though i could only see darkness i tried to picture myself spinning in a park and my body really felt like i was spinning and my heart start racing again while i laid there. Also i’ve noticed that when i’m trying to picture something my eyelids will automatically open and i will be staring at the wall and i have to try to keep my eyes closed. should i keep it going with my eyes open or should i keep them closed? Also while my heart was racing i felt a tingle feeling go up and down my body and twice it seemed like i felt my body jump forward or fall off like i was going into the dream. Thanks ahead of time for your input.

Are you sure that your eyes are really open? You may just be seeing through your eyelids with your astral body.

It’s impossible to say how close to a WILD you are. But you seem to have rather good results for a beginner. Just go on! :smile:

Closed of course. Unless you can sleep eyes open…

Hehehe, I have a friend who’s brother would apparently sleepwalk with his eyes open when he was younger. Made for some interesting occurences…

It does sound like you’re quite close; many of the sensations you’re reporting have been cited by other WILDers in the past. You may want to try to enter or “jump into” your HI; though it sounds as if you aren’t getting much in the way of visuals, so you may want to wait for a while until they’ve been going for some time. Ask in The BIG WILD topic for more info.

Thanks for all the input. I’ll keep trying. I remember one of my lucid dreams from about a year ago when i was in a video game so i’ll try to think of that and see if it works. have a good one.

my mom sleeps with her eyes open, it’s freakin scary