How close was i at WILD?

Well, i’ve been having a go at WILD however not been very successful. Here is an example of what happened when i took a nap, which i don’t usually do and tried WILD. I was also listening to a lucid dream induction clip.

Well, everything was going well, i saw some HI, and i felt the vibrations and all and i felt very numb. However i couldn’t get into the dream. I was visualising me crossing the road when i saw a street in HI. I zoomed into it, but then it disappeared. At the same time, i felt my hands were really numb. I tried moving them and they wouldn’t move so i think it was SP but what was so amazing was i felt this weird sensation like i was entering the dream. I felt that by moving my hands i was seperating the barrier which stopped me from getting a dream. It was a really good sensation. What happened next…my father woke me up and told me to start studying :scream:

Was i Close to getting a WILD or something, did something similair happen to someone (except for the father study bit). What was i missing?

Sounds like you were almost at a WILD. And that sucks with the bit about your father… I think if you simply relaxed for a bit longer, you woud have been in an LD.

Also, I read that a lot of people will “passively” enter the HI (which becomes the dream). Sounds like you were actively pursuing it. But then again, I don’t WILD using HI.

Damn i think your right :hmmm: ! I think that’s my problem, i’m trying too hard! I guess next time i should just let everything happen instead of making it happen.

What do you mean by that? How do you WILD?

For some people, HI doesn’t come by too easily, so I’m guessing he simply tries to enter his dream without it. :shrug:

You see, I don’t get HI at all. I instead hear this extremely loud, ear-piercing noise. After it’d gone, I am always in a dream unless I lost concentration or got too excited.

Thats so cool, i always though HI was essential when it comes to WILD. The ear-pericing noise…is it White Noise? you know, the sound from your ears thing, because that happened to me once.

i have never tried WILD before, i dont think its really possible for me because sometimes when i go to bed, i have alot of thoughts on my mind i simply cant sleep… but i think i will try this weekend when i dont have any school the day after, since i have to lay asleep for couple hours to get to the stadium where the body falls asleep when i still got my thoughts of other things :smile:

The ear piercing noise depends. Sometimes it’s white noise, sometimes it’s something else in the room (fan blades, car outside, etc.).

oh hey, in my first semi successful wild I had some crazy earpiercing noise, and I was completely paralyzed. If I could compare the noise to anything it’d be kinda like the hypnotoad from futurama:
except like 100 times louder :tongue: fun stuff, my dad woke me up for school that day too though :eek:

Sounds like you came really close…probably would’ve entered an LD if your dad hadn’t woken you up.