How could this be done?

Thanx for filling me in.

Milod:)Some time ago people having a holiday could take a horse ride to their destination.Now we have planes and it made it even greater cuz you can choose your destination easier and have much more fun of it.Dont see a danger here.

I dont know if we need such great technology to have instant access to lds.No need putting ppl right into REM cuz everyone have it anyways and messing with sleep cycles wont do much good.
It would be enough if we knew more about conciousness and how to “tip” it.Once logical part of the brain is awaken we are able to realize were in a dream. Mutuall science and psychology research could do it in less than 10 yrs i believe. But ,of course no money for such silly science programs,since were in dire need of inventing new weapons and spending billions on wars.

Jack: but when travel increases between places, both places gradually become more and more like each other and the cultural diversity breaks down. for example, if you live in los angeles and you want to take a vacation to some island paradise but planes don’t fly there or something, you could travel by boat. but let’s say 10 years later there is increased travel there and so planes begin to fly there. well, the island paradise begins to look more and more like los angeles due to the influx of tourists. the native language changes because of the increase of visitors who speak english. and it ceases to be a unique and remote paradise and just becomes another over-visited tourist location.

Yup agrees with above post