How could you not know your dreaming!?

Hi everyone, Im new to this forum, I stumbled across this site and it was my first introduction to lucid dreaming and what a way to find out about it! great site.
Anyway I have been attempting to lucid dream for about maybe 2 mounths, I have developed good dream recall (bout’ 1 a nite).
But when I read through my dream journal, Im amazed! how could I not realise im dreaming in such far out situations! Here’s one for you;
Im walking along the beach, In my hand I have one of those hand-held fishing lines, I throw the line into the swell and sit down on the sand.
All of a sudden I fell this huge jerk in my arm and I start to reel in my catch, and It’s a Great White Shark. I drag the shark onto the shore and I open it’s mouth to take a look, while im doing this it’s snapping furious and im just laughing.
When I woke up and wrote it in my dream journal I was slighty frustrated because I didn’t become lucid from this far out dream.
Share some of your frustrating trippy dreams.

If anything that happened in my dreams happened in real life, i DEFINATLY would be doing tons of reality checks. Its like, when im dreaming, im watching a movie or something. Like im not really in control at all, its like being really high.

I’ll give you a taste of my last nights dream.

I was helping an elderly chinese man escape froma mob at a local mall. Then I jumped through a glass display case and the leader of the mob released a handful of balloons. They turned out to be heat seeking and when they hit me the made little nuclear explosions. Through the whole thing I had super speed like a comic book hero. Oh yea this was just after I was able to leap across a swimming pool.

Dang, I had a dream last night where I was looking through this forum!
I remember reading out loud a sentence as I looked through the forum,
“Lucid Dreaming is being aware in your dreams” I thought for a second but dismissed it! Very frustrating! :grrr:
But I guess this means im getting very close right?

I would say so. It means that your brain is at least thinking about lucid dreaming while you’re sleeping. Thats a step in the right direction.

In one dream, after having a few beers, my friend was eating dinner with his family and I was playing with his dogs. One of the dogs asked me to come back at four o’clock to watch a concert on tv with him. I thought this very strange and looked at his family. They just looked blankly at me and said they didn’t know what concert he was talking about. Well, at least I was beginning to suspect I guess.

lol lost boy, i had a dream where i was talkin to my friend about LDs and i said RC’s are a good way to see if your in a dream. He said i should do one and i said nah cuz i no that i’m awake! STUPID ME

I’ve never done a reality check in a dream, but I just started doing them more frequently in real life. Mostly looking at my hands. In this one dream I was in some kind of medical lab where I was looking at a bloody severed hand. It was missing fingers, and I said to myself “if I was dreaming my hand might look like this” but I didn’t think about it too long. Your mind can miss the most obvious things :grrr:

I had a halarious dream last night. I was going to my brothers basketball game(he coaches basketball), and then he called me up to be a mascot. Well I found a bunny costume and could not find the gloves. I looked through my drawers and found only bbq potatoe chips in bags. This was all in my old house too. OH YEAH! then the weirdest thing happened the next morning,(not a dream) I was flipping through the channels on tv, and found a movie called “North”. Well all the sudden Bruce Willis pops out wearing a bunny suit taking off his bunny gloves. lol. I love my dreams.