How did you get into lucid dreaming?

So yeah how did you get into lucid dreaming? I personally got into it by looking around the Internet for “controlling dreams” I came across inception and then I found this place and really got into it. So what’s your story? The more interesting the better :smile:
But anybody is welcome to post.

At 21 I had a spontaneous out-of-body experience. It was banal: I became lucid while I was seemingly floating six inches above my body. I was paralyzed, but finally managed to move my phantom arm, at which point I “woke” up.

I didn’t know what to make of the experience. I didn’t know if I believed it was possible to be out-of-body. Three weeks later I heard a radio program about astral projection and decided to buy a book about it which had a chapter about lucid dreaming.

I remembered that I often had lucid dreams as a child, but had stopped having them as a teenager. I wrote down my dreams every day for about a month and a half and had my first, adult lucid dream.

It was incredible! I flew through a tunnel in the sky and into a cave that appeared to be composed of rainbow-colored cloud. Gravity was weak in the cave and I bounced around happily. I was instantly addicted.

I wanted to see if you could incubate specific dreams and I ended up here :smile: I’ve had one recurring nightmare of dying in lifts for years, which kicked off my LDs when I decided I could control gravity :happy:

Since then I’ve been getting better at having LDs that last longer than 10 seconds…! :wink:

Since I was 11, I suffered from episodes of hallucinatory sleep paralysis.

I read that initiating an OBE like dreamosis did naturally, would help.

So, I got into meditations to try to consciously initiate hallucinatory SP (to conquer that fear) and maybe start OBE’s.

I got caught in the middle, my first LD, which wasn’t actually so bad :wink:

Same as a lot of people I think. I had a couple of accidental LDs and thought about how awesome it would be to have them at will. …Still think it sounds super difficult though! :wink:

I just saw a programme about lucid dreaming on TV, I thought it was impossible and just made up at first so I decided to look into it and came across here.

My brother got me into lucid dreaming. About 4 years ago my brother introduced me astral projection and lucid dreaming. By then I was about 11 years old. Like many people who heard about these things I first tried astral projection many times before sleep. I had some experiences but at first I was terrified of many unpleasant sensations which come along with OBE exit. After trying it for about two or three weeks before sleep I eventually surrendered and forgot about these things. And this summer I really wanted to start having lucid dreams. And here I am.

I had a pre-lucid dream as a kid when I told a talking bear or something similar that “I wanted to stop dreaming and wake up now”, but I’m not sure I truly realized what I was saying.
Anyway, that dream stayed with me and fascinated me, and then my mother also told me how she sometimes thought “I have dreamed about this before!” while she was still dreaming (which obviously was a lucid dream).
Then I started thinking that hey, there might be some serious potential in this, and then I started looking around the Internet for “dream control” and similar stuff somewhere in 2008, but I started to really get into it in December 2011, when I had my first real lucid dream - and the rest is history. :content:

I think that I had many lucid dreams as a kid and I’ve always loved flying. Most of the dreams that I remember are where I’m flying. Funny story though that in my first lucid that I remember in newer age when I’m adult is me being a chicken actual chicken.

I would flap my wings but I couldn’t fly and with all that I was chased by a soldier with a spear in medieval castle. (I guess I was about to became a soup or something similar)

That didn’t really woke a need in me to discover more about lucid dreams because at the time I didn’t know about lucid dreams nor that you can control dreams. But as I was searching wikipedia about insomnia I stumble on lucid dreaming term and when I read it then I realized that what happened to me could actually be controlled and done by choice.

From that moment on I was here on the forum and I’m still learning about lucid dreaming and trying to improve every day… :content:

i had a rather boring start:
i had downloaded wikibooks to read it offline (i was on vacation without internet) and i strumbled upon a book about lucid dreaming, i don’t even remember how :tongue:
i had my first LD two days later, and then nothing for a month, until i started lucid dreaming 3-4 nights a week, however the dreams were often short and not very lucid

if anyone is interested, here’s the link to the book, it’s very well written:
the version i read (i downloaded the italian wikibooks :content: ):