How did you hear about LD for the first time?

How did you hear about LD for the first time?

  • in a movie
  • in a book
  • article in a magazine
  • a friend explained it to me
  • stumbled upon a site about it
  • some post in some other forum
  • in class
  • on tv
  • other… (please specify in your post)

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Thanks to infection0 for suggesting this poll :smile:

I heard from LD for the first time from a friend/classmate. he made his own sounds on the computer to tell him he was dreaming. I was amazed. My best friend then told me this was possible (she was there also) and lent me “creative dreaming” from P. garfield.

in there i read all about it, had my first lucid dream and was hooked.

I first read about it in an article, but I forgot about it. A year later I stumbled upon The Lucid Dreamer in a local library and suddenly remembered the article again. Thus I began to read it, I started my dream diary a few days later and after 3 days I got my first ultrashort low-lucid dream :smile:

I think i read something about it the first time on this site, though i had lucid dreams before, i never knew it had a name.

I have a weird little story…cant shake the feeling that there has been a topic like this before…
Anyways, I was listening to the radio and a heard this shampoo comercial, and it started off "Did you know you can control your dreams? Its true! Because now all your dreams will come true with Blah Blah Shampoo!
At first i was like Whoa! But then i was all Ooohh :sad:
So i kept that thought in the back of my head, and one day i just realized to Google it to see if you CAN control your dreams, eventually found this site, thought it was great, and registed.

I voted “other”.
It was on a morning TV programme.
“This Morning” with Richard and Judy on ITV in UK many years ago.

I didnt know what lucid dreams were untill about 13 years ago, I was having the third piss in 10 minutes and wondering why it felt stange! :neutral: I stopped and thought to myself - I know that feeling - it means I’m dreaming and about to piss the bed, ( I’d been fooled like this many time as a little kid and remembered the odd feeling :cry: ) so then I was awake and in my dream and started exploring. It was only days later I found out from a friend that it was called lucid dreaming. :smile:

I am a natural LDer. I have been doing that to wake up from a nightmare then eventually to control my dreams. I didn’t know what it was called until I read a book called, “Wake up to your Dreams.” I can’t remember what it’s exactly called, but it was only available at school’s publishing system (not public available). It introduced me to dreams, journal keeping, and also a “bonus” section about lucid dreaming. I was fasinated to it ever since. :smile: A long journey for like 5 years until I find this forum. Yes, I can be a very aggrestive in searching. :smile:

DM7, do you mean that you have the ability to ld every night and have complete control over your dreams? Natural LDs fascinate me because it is a talent that I wish I had.

I read Neuropiate’s guide to lucid dreaming on the IGN forums. Then I saw the movie waking life a few months later.

Most of the time yeah, but right now I have really bad bad bad bad LD drought. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. :smile:

A natural LD’er doesn’t mean he/she ALWAYS have a LD every night… he/she can too have LD drought sometimes. :wink:

Somebody on GameFAQs was writing about a freaky dream they had about a game, and I think someone said something insulting. Actually, I remember p osting that I wished my dreams were that cool. :tongue:
Anyway, then someone said something like “Lay off, it’s not like he can control his dreams”
At which point someone mentioned that yes, there WAS a way to do this.

Strange how things come up, eh? Well, go figure, now I’m here after much searching on Google. Oh, Google.

Neo, that is too funny! What a weird way to discover lucid dreaming.

I actually had a few LDs as a child, but since nobody understood me when I tried to explain the whole “knowing that you are dreaming” thing, I never really thought anyone else had experienced it. That was until about 4 months ago when I read an article about it in a magazine. I was instantly hooked and happy that it had a definition.


But this one has a poll. :tongue:
BTW good work on remembering past topics! I noticed you did the same on a different thread. :cool:

I learnt about Lucid Dreaming less than three months ago. The funny thing is, I do not remember how. I remember searching google for “conscious dreaming” at some point :hmmm:

I think I remember, maybe… I was just thinking, out of the blue: “what if I could know that I am dreaming, that would be fun”. And I just used google and found this site :smile:

I became lucid during nightmares when I was a little kid. I always knew what it meant to know when you’re dreaming, but none of my friends or family really “got it”. When I first got the internet, I occasionally thought to myself to look it up and see if there was information about it, but I kept forgetting. Finally, I did one day, and learned it was called “lucid dreaming” and found this very website.

I read a book from Richard Feynman ( a physicist :grrr: ) and he wrote about his interest in dreams and questions like if one dreams in color :happy: Then i got interested in the same thing… i had pretty vivid dreams at that time so i quickly found out that i indeed dreamt in color. Anyways after a short while i wanted to know everything on dreaming. I searched the internet on dream physiology ( at first i wasnt the slightest bit interested in the content ). Then somehow ( :smile:) i found about LDing and then i read ETWOLD… and that was it for me. All that happened three years and 72 LDs ago :smile:


I had LDs as a kid, thought it was normal, but back in those days I didn´t stay cool when having a lucid nightmare, so they were pretty low-level.
I really learned about it after reading in a forum about OBEs


I voted movie, as the reason i heard about LD was from watching vanilla sky, not so long after i seen it, sitting around on internet bored i did a search on lucid dreaming, this was one of the 1st & most helpfull sites i found :smile:

After finding out about it i been persuing my interest in it but not with very promising results in having LD’s;p

Im sure there coming though :content: