How did you hear about LD for the first time?

I found out about lucid dreaming here on LD4ALL of course :grin:

I’ve learnt about it first in the book “Mysteries” by Colin Wilson. Which second tome I gave to someone I can’t remember :cry: . This is great book anyway, it holds most wide and rational approach on paranormal, so I recommend anyone who can find to read it.

I somehow misread the poll question and now I want to correct it in this post.
So 1 more in the books :peek:

I cant remember, but i know that ever since i was very young, maybe 8 years old i have been interested in dreams, esp, religion, oobe, einstien, all kinds of stuff on things of this nature…

I search with google anf found out that there was more tthe one mysteries there by same author
SO there it is one I got:
Copyright 1978 by Colin Wilson

i found lucid dreaming by researching the rock band Incubus and came across a website that interviewed the lead singer brandon boyd, that practices lucid dreaming. I will find the link for you all!

There it is. It just seemed really cool so i researched it more. ohhhhhh man it led me into so many differnt things! and for this i am thankful! such as paranormal, the occult, meditation, eastern religion, metaphysics, and basically all the New age stuff. Even art. Even though i can’t seem to have lucid dreams anymore, i still love it.

bendrummin58…where have you been man?

The first time I remember hearing about the possibility to control your dreams was the book “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”. A very recommendable book, btw, and fun to read, even if you dont care for physics or math.

I went to Lucidchan alot.
Then I found a link to here on it, and came to the obvious choice to ditch lucidchan.

Ld4all is way better :boogie:

i was actually looking up astral projection and OBEs. the sites said that LDing is the first step in doing those. then i got hooked on lucid dreaming

The first time was when I read in website, but it was about Astral Projection. And one thing let to another, and … when I realised I was, already having a Lucid Dreaming!

I have read about it on another forum, but the movie Inception got me interested enough to try it.

I-Doser (dosent work) had somethign about lucid dreaming and dident know what it was so i just used google and found a website i like and joined!

I googled “shared dreaming” because I have had a shared dream twice, once with two of my friends, and another time with one of the two friends from the first dream, though I wasn’t having a lucid dream. I was curious, and this popped up on google.

INCEPTION aahahahahah, im one of those people :razz:

Nice one, Gnar

I posted on Facebook: “One of my recurring dream-themes is being on the Tower of Terror. I don’t know what that says about my mental stability xD” I got some comments from a friend to search dream signs and such, and he suggested to try lucid dreaming to figure out what my SC meant. I did some research and ended up here :content:

Since I can remember, I have been obsessed with the idea of transforming into animals. One day a few years ago (I was around 13 then) when I was Googling stuff about it, I came across LD4all’s animal transformation Quest.

I had a dream as a teen and woke up, only to be confronted with some demon in the room trying to scratch its way through the wall. I sat there in shock, in fear, wondering WTF?
Then I woke up. I never understood fully what happened. I used to wake up and couldn’t move a lot, and it freaked me out. then i visited a forum that spoke of SP and realized what was happening all those years ago. I then discovered that when i had the demon thingy happen, it was a false awakening, and i was still dreaming, even though i was convinced i wasn’t.

my mind tricked me into believing i was under attack by something, now i wonder if life is a dream and another body is asleep somewhere in another bed and i cant find it because i dont know where it is,(if it exsists at all)
LOL. i got the crazes or what?

Sometimes i had a LD but one was so vivid that i have googled dreams and then I read that a dream where you know you are dreaming is called lucid dreaming

I came across binaural beats through meditation. The beats lead me to LD which lead me to Robert Waggoners book. No turning back from there :wiske: