How did YOU learn to LD?

I was 12 and i could control every dream, every time. 2 years later I Decided to google “concious dream” and i discovered that what i experienced was a well documented phenomenom.

Good ol’ RC’s is how I learned. I did probably hundreds of RC’s and had LD that night.

Actually, the first quality LD I had came from FILD, but I ditched the F part and transitioned to WILD.

I’m a natural born dreamer! I had a bunch of LD’s as a kid, well before knowing anything about them or what they were called.

I became interested in various occult things through high school and university, reading various things. I stumbled across Stephen LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming in the Occult section at my University bookstore. (That seems really funny now.)

Although still interested in the occult, I’m a pretty big skeptic. I know my stuff, but the more I hear/read, the less I believe. LaBerge put the scientific fact behind LD’ing, but more importantly, it was something that I experienced myself. (I’m still open minded about things though, that’s where my curiosity comes from.)

Another neat thing, the day I bought the book, I had an LD that night BEFORE I had a chance to read it. :smile: That’s MILD for you. :happy:

It took me 2 days to have LD after i seen this forum. But i had some of em while i was a kid. I dont use any technique, just lay in bed and try my luck. Techniques are nonsense to me (no offense to any1 who does them)

Guess what? That’s a technique. :smile: You just used MILD, congratulations on the LD’s.

I’ve had some LDs when I was younger but I thought that it was normal, so I ignored it. My first actual LD was one week ago, on my birthday and since then I’ve had 3 more, but I keep getting FAs, and RCs never work for me (plus my brain is always creating false memory). I didn’t really have a problem getting an LD, I had one the first time I tried, but I can’t have a WILD, so I’m stuck to MILD, oh well!! :content:
I always looked forward to sleeping, cuz I thought dreaming was the coolest thing ever and I’ve started writing a DJ since I was 10. For a weird reason I never forgot my dreams and I could control what I was going to dream (usualy flying, I LOVE it more than enything else in the world!!)

So I’ve probably bored you to death so I’ll stop. Any time soon. Really, I’m stopping. Shuting up now…
SD gives cookies to every1 and runs away before you accuse her for boring you to death :tongue:

O, ok then
Well, i ment i dont try anything hard, just read this forum before going to sleep. Works like a charm :content:

Similar to Sonic_moronic, I don’t do a whole lot to induce them. I do an RC every once in a great while, and I keep trying to WILD (but not with WBTB, so it doesn’t really go far). I mostly just keep my enthusiam up. When I do have an LD, I usually notice something amiss and don’t even need an RC for confirmation.

I kinda discovered lucid dreaming naturally too. It just clicked when I was four years old and I realized that I could control it all!! :content: it was awesome, the feeling.

Edit/Addition: :dream:

They sort of happened , I’m yet to do any of the LD inducing techniques…

Recently I’m suspecting most of them were FLDs though

Same here I you could say i am a natural Lucid Dreamer. I search for dreams on wikipedia and then followed the search to lucid dreams then wikibooks and so on and ended up here. I had my first LD just 3 days after learning about them. I am so new i dont know what technique i used i just use RC alot and in my dream i used it. Could someone tell me if this has any good chances of an LD or is it as bad as spontainus (spelling?) LD? :sad:

I first heard about LD in July. I was surfing on herb/drug forums and someone said: “Instead of taking psychedelic drugs you should practice LD!”
Then I read the Wikibook and ended up on a German forum on the subject. Then they told me about this one.

My first LD happened 8 days after I heard about LDs. I had a FA and made a RC (love those abbreviations :cool: ) Then there was pretty much nothing in the following 4 weeks and so I decided to switch to the WILD technique. It was very frustrating because I still didn’t get a lot of results but last week I had 4 LDs using this so I guess I’m making some progress now. My focus right now is shifting towards stabilization and meditation in a LD.

If you had your first LD three days after you started to try, it was not a spontaneous LD, it was due to your practice or interest about LD’ing and it means you have some facilities indeed. :smile:

I had an LD the first or second night and I flew with my doggie!!

I just started to write down my dreams and thought about dreaming alot during the day, and after about 2 weeks I had my first ld. recognizing my dreamsigns really helped too. :smile:

I did the free OBE course at Gnostic Web Direct link to vendor deleted downloaded some ebooks and read some great techniques on

Ok, I really apretiate all the help
Yay now i can say i am special without feeling bad :crazy:

I think methods are a good start for people who havn’t had many lucid dreams or unable to in life. Instead of always depending on the method, people should try to lucid dream naturally first. The methods like WILD, WBTB, MILD all help very much. If I depend on them, I won’t learn to LD naturally for myself… For some people, the only way they can LD is from one of those methods, and thats it. It’s not a bad thing though… Anyways, I don’t want to go too far off topic.

My first LD long ago was when I was in dream trying to figure out if it was real or not, and I decided it wasn’t real. There’s no way a white rabbit could talk to me. I went down the hole and became lucid ever since. (Nice fantasy touch to it, eh?)

I discovered lucid dreaming after practicing Astral Projection for a while and I’ve always been doing something with the occult (hidden). I had my first one by doing RC’s with a clock and I was A M A Z E D at how clear and like RL it was! I got so excited that I immediatley tried to fly, got a few feet off the ground and then woke up. :sad: But the next LD I got to fly a few hundred feet above my house- WOW! That first LD flight is probably one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever experienced even when compared to skydiving IRL!

My first LD came with the help of this forum.

I started writing down my dreams, which really helped because I had gotten to the point where I hardly remembered dreams any more. I thought maybe I didn’t dream as much as other people.

Just by writing my dreams down I started having “Am I dreaming?” moments but my mind would convince itself that I wasn’t dreaming. I had to practice proving to myself that I wasn’t dreaming with each reality check to get over that hump and start having LDs.