How do I deal with loss of vision?

I have been getting this problem recently when getting lucid. Not long after becoming lucid, my vision gets hazy and my eyes start to involentarily close. I soon am unable to see, yet my dream hasn’t ended yet. How do I get back my vision? I have tried relaxing and trying to visualize another dreamworld, but that always results in me waking up. What should I do?

try rubbing your hands … (tried it once and seemed to work)
or spinning with your eyes open, and looking at your sorroundings while spinning.

Can’t you see through your eyelids in dreams?

Sometimes, i have been able to just stand still and visualise, and the vision would come back even if it feels like the eyes are closed. Maybe it is the real eyes we can feel when we are close to waking up?

I peel my eyelids open. At least it worked for me temporarilly…