How do i fly?

every time i try to fly, it NEVER works, I’ve NEVER flew in a LD! How do i fly in a LD i need some guidance. Someone PLEASE tell me how to fly, i want to experience.

Usually people in lucid dream can’t fly because they don’t believe in themselves.

It’s your dream, you can do whatever you want in it.You don’t have to wonder if you can fly or not…you KNOW you can!

I never had problems with flying in my dreams.

The easiest technique for beginners to start off with, although slow, is the swimming technique. Next time you try flying, pretend you’re swimming in the air. Then your mind has something realistic to associate flying with.

Check this sticky thread: [Different styles of flying)

I’ve been flying in ND’s as far as i can remember, mostly with the swimming technique but sometimes i can just fly around, now flying is a dreamsign for me and since i started LD’ing most of my flying have turned ND’s into LD’s :smile:

flying for beginners in knowledgebase forum :wink: