How do I help a 6 year old?

My 6 year old neighbor came to me the other day to tell me about her dream. She was shy and was afraid I would think her silly but we got along. She dreamed her dad had cut his hand, then the cut got deeper and bigger until his hand fell off. I asked her “did you sew it back on for him?”…I guess that didn’t occur to her. How can I help a 6 year old blooming LDer who can’t even write well enough to keep a dream log?

I would think the best help would be to just be open to talking about dreams with her. Also even though she wouldn’t be able to write a detailed dream log, at 6 she should be able to write some simple sentences and draw a few simple pictures.

I’m very afraid of sounding contemptuous, as I’m not trying to be rude, or some such…
But if this is not your child, do not approach her directly about this. If she is naturally interested in dreams, then have her talk to her parents about it. You should never teach habits to a child of whom you are not the parents of, especially at this age. It’s ok to talk to her about her dreams, but incorporating something into her life is not something you should be deciding.

Also, i don’t know how much you have spoken to her, or how much interest she has, but could it be that she is just another child afraid of something that happened in a dream? Don’t bring it up, don’t ask her about her dreams unless she wants to tell you… Those are just my thoughts.