How do I make my brain understand lucidity the best way?

I started practicing lucid dreaming for real this last monday, with DJ and “Daily Targets” and all, so I know I haven’t practiced for that long yet - however, for some reason I have dreamed about the topic Lucid Dreaming pretty much every night so far, having conversations with people about lucid dreaming (and last night I even dreamed I was at an LD seminar :lol:) and I guess that’s a good sign, but… I’m not sure if my brain clearly understands what I want to get out of it all.
How do I make my brain understand that I want to specifically understand the dreamstate and realize I am in a dream?
It seems like so far it thinks I want to dream about the topic lucid dreaming and have more vivid dreams, but I need to somehow make it understand the actual “aha!” moment when I really understand that I am in a dream.

The very best way, I think, is meditation right before bed. Sleep for a few hours, get up, splash your face with cold water and lie down again while simply watching the breath. If your mind wanders, bring it back. Hold that state for about 10 minutes or so, and time it as close to falling asleep as you can.

What you want is to activate your pre-frontal cortex right as you’re going into dream sleep.

If you don’t want to meditate, you can simply keep your PFC activated by doing mathematics—like counting down from 300 by 3’s until you nod off.

Thank you.
Yeah, I have tested the counting method a few times during short awakenings in the middle of the night, and I think it’s pretty interesting that I never seem to reach any higher than 200 or so;
I always seem to lose consciousness at that point.
I should probably pay extra attention to possible HI and stuff when I get close to that number. :content:

I think you’re pretty close Laurelindo. I’ve had dreams before where I’ve mentioned LD4All, talked about dreaming, and even gave a reason for an event happening as “because I’m dreaming”, but didn’t become lucid.

Have you tried autosuggestion? Since LDing concepts in general seem to have become the content of your dreams, treat them like any other dream sign! Do RCs whenever you hear / think of LDing stuff. Tell yourself that you’ll RC whenever someone says “Lucid”. That might help with the “dreaming about dreaming” predicament. :tongue: