How do I make my dreams more vivid?

I had another lucid dream last night…4th over all and it was pretty cool. It was weird though i was controlling everything and i knew it, but kept telling myself in the dream I needed to become lucid (because i saw my sleeping body) and couldn’t believe myself that I was in a dream…weird but funny hahaha. Although, alot of it seemed kind of like a blurr (same with my other dream last night not extremely clear) so how do i get my dreams to become more vivid, and more like im actually in them. A real feeling if you know what I mean.

This helped me a lot, and I strongly suggest you read it all the way through. Hopefully it helps you too.

Lew! Been a while! Welcome back! (If you left. Haven’t seen you around, so I assumed you did. :tongue:)

I get the same issue sometimes… Although I have issues with not sensing reality when I’m awake either, so things aren’t “real” in either world, but it’s much less real in the dream world. Occasionally I’ll have decent vividness, and oddly enough those are the ones I’m usually not hovering or flying in (not most of my dreams). You are keeping a DJ, right? My dreams are better when I’m keeping a DJ. While in the dream, I’d probably end up talking to the dream, telling it what I want. It’s been working pretty well for me lately, at least for more minor things. (By the major stuff that’s not working, I mean stuff like teleporting and whatnot.) Make sure you’re keeping a DJ, and I myself would advise talking to the dream and telling it to increase vividness.

ZRVera…First things off. I missed you. haha, really i did how have you been? And yes I am keeping a DJ. I didn’t leave lucid dreaming, just haven’t visited the site recently but have been keeping up with everything i need to be doing! I haven’t been able to get as many lucid dreams as i would like, and this last one didn’t seem incredibly lucid but it was (if you get what im saying) and it was my first one in MONTHS. I want to start having them more frequently its killing me! But time will (I hope) fix it. I will definitely try talking to the dream to make it more vivid - but is there any other herb or substance i could take to make my dreams more vivid regardless so i can have a better chance of remembering and figure out im in a dream? You have LD’s fairly frequently don’t you? how did you get to that point if so?

[title]1 - Hand rubbing[/title]

[title]2 - Using False awakenings[/title]

These are more for stabilizing but they more often then not increase the vividness of the dream.

Also I found that when I recall my dreams they are less vivid then I had experienced them, because I remember distinct sightings in the dream with extreme vividness so all and all I think your recall should be priority number 1, then you can try other techniques.

The quotes are from a Wiki book called “Lucid Dreaming” that you can find HERE

Hope this helps :smile:


Well, I do have LDs fairly frequently when I’m interested and usually getting enough sleep… I mostly used to get them from wanting them and keeping a DJ, before I didn’t know much of what else to do. Now, well… it’s not much different. I also keep a goal/progress journal. (I made a topic about it here.) I don’t take anything for vividness/memory/etc. I find that the goal journal helps me with my goals and my focus. (Well, if I’m lucid enough to even have focus.)

Other than that, can’t give you much else for hints.

Thanks you two! Novermore, that will help alot thanks i didn’t know that! And ZR - I will try the goal journal. Thanks everyone I appreciate it

Thank you dreamers for bringing this up…and especially Okapis Rule for mentioning that article…Although I had read it before but when I read it yesterday I remembered how effective it was when I used to have a dream journal…For the past two months I have been avoiding my dream journal just because I thought that recording them was a little pain :cry:

So anyway I woke up today and wrote everything down with due consideration to the odd and specific details of the dreamscape… today’s exercise was a welcoming change and quite effective also since I had a lucid dream in the nap I took right after writing the record… :smile: