How do I really have a lucid dream and keep it?

Hello everyone on these forums, my names Anthony and I’m 27 years old. I’m from Queens, New York and I been living there all my life. I always had a fascination with lucid dreams, but as a teen, I’d say about 100 attempts and most failed, and the ones that succeeded lasted for about a minute or two at the most. I recently remembered that i was trying to lucid dream as a teen when my friend bought it up a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been reading up on lucid dreaming, and lucid dreaming techniques. One of these techniques said to write down my dreams, which I have been doing since I was 14 sporadically, especially if it was a cool dream. But anyways, I usaully have pretty semi-lucid dreams to the point where I can recall dreams probably for at least 2 or 3 days after I have them before they drift away into my memory. So last week, I decided to try the mild technique. To my surprise, it worked and I was dreaming for about 4-5 minutes in real life, but it felt pretty long in the dream. Most of the dream I was just walking around, trying to calm down because I read that excitement can make the dream dissapear or something like that. So I calmed down, and I walked into a diner that was ran by a real old guy that ran a old school greek kind of diner in the neighborhood for years, until he died a few years ago and his kids took up the diner. Anyways, I tried to see if there was anything unusual about the diner until I asked for a gyro, and then he just looked at me for like a few seconds before he told me that this guy doesn’t always have them in stock. I tried to ask what he meant, but by that time he was gone. So I left, and I wanted to see if I could do normal lucid dream things that you cant do in real life. I went on top of an apartment building and attempted to fly, only to fall flat onto the ground and wake up. Since that day, I’ve been trying to get another lucid dream but it hasn’t worked. So I came here to get some help with trying to get more lucid dreams, with more or less control because I wanna try and time travel eventually when I become good at this. So, do anyone veteran have some extra tips or tricks that helped them, have better lucid dreams?

For actually getting LD’s, I find WBTB helps a lot, even if you can’t do WILD. LD hypnotism works good for me at least, you can try it yourself.

For actually having control, just remember that it’s your dream, and you can do anything. As soon as you doubt that you have control, you won’t. I would also recommend rubbing your hands together to boost the vividness of the dream. A tip with that, focus on all/most of your senses, or you’ll find that some senses are missing without you realizing in the dream. Feeling and temperature are the ones that are usually missing, or at least different from real life, so try focusing on those.

I see you mentioned flying, and you should just know that it’s really hard, and you will probably fall and wake up the first time. When you wake up, DO (do, not disembodied observer or whatever)A REALITY CHECK. It’s usually a FA for me. You might also want to have something help you, like a “magic” item that flies, and you can hold on to it. Or maybe you have wings. Whatever will help.

Don’t contradict yourself here; you were right the first time. Flying is a stereotypical “new lucid dreamer” experience (for good reason!), so it’s not nearly as hard as you’re making it out to be. It may help to get a good image of what you’d see, perhaps by looking for media of people moving through the air of their own volition. Once you get into the dream, don’t question it — just do it!

The best things about flying are that it never gets old and that you can always find a fresh twist on it. While flying just by willing it is the usual method that happens first, you can change it up once you get comfortable. You can sprout wings (my personal favorite), wear a jet pack, ride a vehicle, transform into a flying creature, ride a flying creature, swallow helium and float away, or whatever else fits your mental schema of flight. The important thing is that you have a good mental image of it and just let it happen in-dream.

tl;dr: don’t say flying is difficult, because it’s not!

I second that! :content:

Haha, you’re right :tongue: I think I was saying the same thing about text in dreams on a different post, it’s possible most people can’t read in dreams because all the guides tell people they can’t.