How do I start lucid dreaming?

I have never had trouble with dream recall. I have always been able to remember my dreams whether I document them or not. The problem is that despite my research into the subject, I don’t know how to start lucid dreaming. There are a ton of methods and in all honesty its a bit overwhelming. How do I begin to lucid dream?

Hello and welcome to LD4all, @Zivkko :wave:

You are right, there’s so much material out there by now that it’s hard to identify which of the thousands „guaranteed method to get lucid dreams“ is really the one you want to try. For starters I would recommend the fundamental approach, that is to question reality and accept the fact that you could be inside a dream literally at any point in time. However you may actually be awake and not sleep. This special circumstance is verified with a Reality Check (RC). Do these a few times throughout the day, but don’t do them out of habit. Do them because you are aware that you could be inside a dream and try to determine if that’s the case.

If you have good dream recall then you will also know what content your dreams usually revolve around. Whenever you engage in those things I’m waking life, then be extra careful (or may I say thoughtful).

In order to raise your chances to get something done during the night, you may want to try an induction technique. I personally recommend MILD as a good all around technique that should work for everybody to some extent. Try to keep it simple, that’s also important. Additionally if your sleeping schedule allows it, you can combine it with WBTB every now and then. It greatly boosts your chances with any technique, but comes with the sacrifice of interrupting your normal sleep.

Next to good dream recall the most useful thing is the right attitude. And by that I mean the attitude towards the world around you. Try to perceive it more deeply and question it like a child would, with as few presumptions as possible. Also try to shape it with the force of your will, both figuratively but also literally speaking. Switch off auto pilot in your daily life more often. And also switch off your phone and other distractions more often, that try to suck you out of the here and now and throw your mind into a completely different and abstract place.


Thank you!!