How do I stop myself from falling asleep when doing Wild

Ello, I’m trying to get back into lucid dreaming and Im trying to attempt to do a WILD. Im following, “WILD - A user friendly tutorial”. The tutorial says that a WILD is best to do after you wake up. I wake up a bit early. (4 - 7 am). But when I attempt a WILD, I always fall asleep when counting or will get too tired, stop counting and just fall asleep. And when I try to do it when I am trying to sleep in the night, I cant fall asleep or stay still! Is there anything I can do to combat either or both of these problems?

Some people like us just fall asleep easier. People suggest staying awake for more time than usual. Tried it twice, than I couldn’t fall back asleep :smiley: maybe there is a perfect time to stay awake for people like us, but I don’t know it yet.