How do you alter your dream enviroment?

As we all know, one of the biggest perks of lucid dreaming is the ability to create, alter, and destroy every aspect of your reality at will.

However, what does “at will” actually entail? What thought process do you, personally, go through in order to shape the dream to what you want it to be?

For example, when I first seriously got into lucid dreaming, it annoyed me how, even when I got attaining lucidity down, that I could barely alter the dream world. I would leap into the air trying to fly, only to merely jump up in the air. I would point at something and try to Force-summon it to my hand, only to have it lie there motionless.

It took me a few tries to realize that, in order to alter the dream, I had to think the right way. Rather than just expecting something to happen, I have to imagine the change in my head, then, I dunno, juxtapose the image in my head over the reality of the dream. For example, instead of jumping up and down, expecting to fly, I have to visualize my body rising in the air first.

So, how do you control your dream? Is there some kind of mental process you have to go through to successfully change things?

In a lucid dream I had about two weeks ago, I met my dream guide for the first time and he wanted me to create a more serene and calm place in order to have a chat with me, so I basically terraformed sort of a wilderness mountain setting.

I don’t really know how I did it mentally. I don’t know if you’ve ever used telekinesis in your dreams, but it worked in a similar fashion. Direct attention and focus, and I sort of added in a bit of imagination as well. Almost as if I was daydreaming things into existence. I dunno, for me stuff like that is fairly easy most of the time. When I do have trouble creating things, I tend to find handy workarounds.

I wanted to transport myself to another world (one I created in my stories), but I couldn’t do it by teleporting or warping. So instead I built a huge launching tower to get me there.

But most of the time, it’s basically just thinking the right way. Perhaps for me it’s relatively easy because as a kid I used to have a VERY active imagination. Special powers, flying, all that kind of stuff was on my mind 24/7 (my friends, too) so I basically use that same kind of willpower to make it happen. But it’s extremely difficult to put a mental process that’s very abstract and, more importantly, personal into words.

In one of my lucid dreams, I was somewhere in my city and it was raining. I became lucid and the first thing I thought was “If I am lucid I can change the weather”; as soon as I thought this, it was sunny. So I just had to think it.

The only alteration ive done is make beds apear but it was my desire for one that made me start “noticing” them. (mental dream rationalization) But from everything ive heard for amature LDers indirect change is the best. So like a scene u want could be in the next room instead of imediatly around you.

As a practical advice, if you do occasionally daydream, do it in a daydream first, so you get acknowledged to the technique you are using to imagining that happening. DD imagination and dream one are the same, so what works in one does too in the other :content: