How do you change your environment?

I’m pretty sure someone asked that already and I really tried to find a post with similar or same topic but I couldn’t find one, the search function drove me nuts :scream:

Okay, I hope this post won’t get deleted… I become lucid via FA. So I’m in my (dream) bedroom and everything around me is similar to the real world. I want to go somewhere else but when I try, I fly through my window or go downstairs… That wastes a lot of time :sadyes: So I thought there must be a “faster” way to go somewhere.
And yes, I tried the spinning thing and I can tell that the spinning thing tends to wake me up so I’m not willing to try it again! :ohno: :happy:
Once I went through my wardrobe but it was dark and creepy in there and… took a lot of time either. I know, we have the possibility to use “doors” that can lead us to somewhere else but most of the time I know what’s actually behind the door (in the real world) and that pops up then (like my clothes). It seems like I’m unable to “imagine” that a whole new world could be behind my bathroom door in my dream :tongue:
It’s just a dream and it’s just a question of my expectations and the problem is me and it’s actually really easy to change the environment but I guess, I need a short-cut :wallhit:

So, my question is, how do you change your environment? What are your techniques, was it always easy or tricky? Are there other ways to travel the dreamworld except flying, spinning and abusing doors? :happy:

Hello N@t3,

I was once known as the FA master, so I guess I should try to help.

I have two answers, choose wisely (check both, but how to act is up to you):

[color=darkblue]Learn how to change the environment:[/color]

[spoiler]Check Dream Control Abilities FAQ for the Teleporting Section.
There are several ways to do it.
In the article, there are

  1. Mirror 2. Spinning 3. Dropping Suddenly 4. Use a Door 5. Portal.
    I would like to add:
  2. Look behind you: Imagine that the scenario has changed only behind you. After turning, the previous scenario usually disappears behind you and you are completely in the new scene.
  3. Block then unblock your field of view: (If you are experienced, you could simply close eyes instead) if this doesn’t spoil your dream, this has the result really similar to spinning.
  4. Put the glasses on. Imagine that you have glasses that can show you an alternate scenario. After removing the glasses, the scenario might stay or not depending on your ability/concentration. I really find this interesting because you can use it to stay at more than one scene at the same time.
  5. Break out: If you are in a room, you could try to destroy the walls and leave the scene.
  6. Sleep: Sleep inside the dream as if you were trying to WILD+VILD with a dream scenario incubation.

Check the “entering a movie” part as well. It’s basically the same thing as changing the scene.

[color=darkred]An alternate answer that you might be interested instead:[/color]

Sometimes, when dreams are about to end, there is no much choice when things get really dark. Just control your fears, remember that you should never be afraid of your dream.

Sorry to say, maybe I am mistaken, but…
I have a feeling that you might be trying to go through the wrong door (pun intended).

For real, ask yourself this question:
“When you get lucid (in a dream), do you rush to take advantage of it as soon as possible?”
If you answer yes, then there is a problem there. You should not try to rush your dream, this causes the dream to fade out, and by fade out I mean, getting more FAs, dark scenes, unwanted real awakenings.

I always recommend to stay calm inside the dream until it’s solid (stable).
Rub your hands, use RCs over and over. Sit down and watch the scene for some seconds. It should never take longer than one minute or so. Do not worry about wasting the dream while stabilizing, in my humble experience it’s completely counterproductive.

I hope this is helpful.

^^ Loads of good ideas from Tggtt there.

I’d add the following -
-Climb into a picture (especially useful if you become lucid in a version of your real bedroom. You could put a picture of where you want to go on the wall in RL, then use it as a lucid aid.)
-Turn on a TV or computer screen, imagining it will show a scene of where you wish to go, then either climb into it or just watch it intently. Intense focus on the images on the screen may cause you to become a part of that scene.

Hurrey, a master is what I need indeed :happy:

6. Look behind you: Imagine that the scenario has changed only behind you. After turning, the previous scenario usually disappears behind you and you are completely in the new scene.[/color]
That’s something I’d like to try! :cool: Never came up with something so easy.

Ah, I even do that several times in normal dreams so I have something else if the “imagine a new scene” doesn’t work :tongue:

Yeah, I’m still training that :spinning: At the one hand I know I’m dreaming and at the other I forget easily that I’m actually in control.

:lol: Sounds so funny but yes, I think you’re right!

I always relax first :smile: I have to because I tend to be blind first when I experience FA or DEILD. This issue never occurs while DILD! Anyway, I always relax first so I can see properly but then… Yes, then I rush it again :angry:

A lot, thank you very much! I still have to calm down and got new techniques I can try now! :bounce:

Ah, yes! That’s why there is this picture hanging on my wall… I completely forgot about that :eek: Whups… So thank you very much for telling me again! :happy: I printed a new one out that resembles my current target :gni:

Thank you Tggtt :happy: , I was reading along, and this passage just pinpointed a fundamental problem for me!

My LDs tend to be short, so I’m usually in a hurry to get the most out of it while it lasts.

Just to illustrate how much I am obsessed by the possibility of the dream ending:
My last LD had a sign in it which said “La Fin” (The End)! So I ran past this sign to avoid the end of the dream. But after a next adventure I accidentally return to “La Fin” where moments later my dream ends :tongue:

So I really hope your advice and the insight will strike root in my SC

Hi to all! :smile: These are the ones I use:

:arrow_right:Closing & opening my eyes while thinking about moving to a new place:

Quick & easy but it takes me to unexpected places half of the times, lol.


Sometimes easy, sometimes not, When it’s hard I need like 3 or 4 jumps before it works (every time I fall I realize im not hurt at all & get more lucid with each jump, making the task easier to achieve), but still— Im soooo slow at flying by myself! :joy: max speed is like 10~20 km/h.

:arrow_right:Flying with help of an object/person:

Always easy, I like to use a broom to fly haha, it moves more or less at the speed of a car and is useful when I want to travel but without losing sight of the landscape & all. When flying with a person’s help, I ask them to hold my hand & take me to a place that I wish to see. It isn’t so fast as the magic broom, but it’s faster (& sometimes safer) than doing it alone.

:arrow_right:Melting the scene with my mind:

I made this one a few times in my life. Things get quite messy with it haha, I start by thinking that everything im seeing is a painting that’s starting to melt, when everything starts to fall apart I try to see what’s the place that’s ‘behind’ the painting, 7 out of 10 times a new scene has appeared in front of me!

*Another way of doing this technique is to imagine that the place around you is a cardboard image (like the ones used in stage plays) and push it to see what’s behind!

:arrow_right:Searching for some stairs:

This has worked a lot of times with FA for me (that’s why it’s the last one! evil laugh), I walk looking for some stairs, they usually appear outside; in our tiny backyard. The stairs must lead to a higher place & you must climb them while thinking in the place you want to visit.

Same as the “closing/opening your eyes”; half of the times I ended in a new, unexpected place. But it works 10 out of 10 times! And that’s a win for sure! :grin::sparkles:

A lot of the time when I become lucid I am inside my house, so I usually crouch down on one knee and then launch myself through my roof and start flying around. This provides me with an easy exit and also confirms my lucidity before I start doing things that could be dangerous if it turned out I was actually awake.

The other one I use quite often is the “Stop, Think, Blink” (STB). I thought of it during an LD, so I’m not sure if it is something others have used before. It is a simple, easy way to teleport yourself and others, and it is simple to remember. STOP, you have to stop whatever you are doing and concentrate. Think, you need to think of your desired location/ time/ dimension. BLINK, lastly, simply blink both eyes, and you are instantly transported to your desired environment. If the method fails, simply RC and try again.
Probably the most fun thing to do with the STB method would be to skip the T entirely. You should probably have used the method a couple times at least before trying this, but no one is stopping you from trying it straight up. Using the STB without the thinking of a destination will send you to a completely random destination. This can be quite a fun adventure, STB yourself to a random place and grab onto the first DC you find and blink again, they will be pulled along with you to the new destination, leave them stranded there and watch them walk around in a confused fashion. Or you could take them on a free tour of the universe! ( I wouldn’t recommend teaching your DCs the STB, I tried it once, it didn’t end too well.

Anyway, have fun altering the dreamscape, and good luck in your travels!

Hi, thank you for your answer! :content:

Ah, I see. Yes, I thought about teleporting but I wasn’t sure HOW to do that :tongue:
Okay, my main issue beside changing environment is, every time I close my eyes I can’t open them anymore. I know, I just have to calm down, after a while I’m able to see again but I tend to panic when that happens and then I wake up because stupid :cry: Nonetheless, I want to try your teleporting thing! My other method didn’t work soo well for some reasons :sadyes:

Oh wow, that sounds fun! :content: If I’m not interested in my target anymore, I’ll try that! But I don’t want to annoy my DC’s :truit: :lol:

Thank you very much for your time and your suggestion! I appreciate that! :content:

Okay, my lovely dreamers :wave: I had two LD’s this morning and I think I should tell you how the techniques worked for me! :content:

I had this night a nightmare :sad: A young women caused a mess in my bedroom and then she tried to stab me with a big kitchen knife. I made it into the bathroom where my father was and locked the door. I told him that she’s responsible for the mess and I was like: “Oh, and she tried to kill me with a knife by the way…” :tongue: I was afraid when she attacked me and I felt the cuts when the knife hit my hand but after that I was just: “Ah, this really sucks, now I have to lock myself away, that’s just bothering!”
I woke up and used a variant of DEILD to become lucid.
I rolled out of my bed, did a RC and was lucid. I rushed it again! Ah, I don’t why :cry:
I went to the picture I pinned on my wall, it was completely dark but that was okay, I knew what was supposed to be on it. The pic is pretty small, so I had to stretch it first. When I climbed in it, I felt like I was walking through some chewy liquid :eek: Well… changing the environment worked well, I was for a very long time lucid but because I rushed it I kinda took my nightmare with me :bored: The women didn’t appear but the whole LD was tiring and every single DC was the most disinterested person ever!

Well, after that “fail” I managed a second LD, I flew out of my bed (that was so weird, never did that before!) and became lucid. This time the sun was shining and I felt that if I reach my wanted environment now that it would be a very cool LD.
And here comes the ultimate fail! :angry:
I went to the pic on my wall and wanted to stretch it again but it didn’t work for some reason. I took the pic off and placed it on the ground. I noticed, that the pic has changed, it didn’t only show a door, it showed two characters who belong to that place I want to go to and they seemed to be happy. I thought that I could jump into the picture but… it didn’t work :sad: But it felt like it was about working and then just stopped for some reason.
I don’t get it, first it worked so well and then not at all. After that I was: “I hate you, picture, I’ll try something different!” I thought about Lady Yomi’s idea, to close my eyes and imagine to be there. Gnargh, I wasn’t able to open my eyes again! :grrr: Now I know that I should have calmed down but I rushed it sigh and then I woke up.

But I’m puzzled, why did the first method work and then not?! I think I should have several variants so one of them will help me when I try. I want to try the picture thing again because it was successful and if not, I’ll go with the teleporting thing :tongue: I think the magic broom could be fun too :gni:

Thank you all for your help, advice and suggestions how to do it! I hope I can manage the next LD tomorrow in the morning and we’ll see what happens :smile:

What works for me, from the highest to lowest success rate:

  • backflipping
  • shifting through a wall
  • jumping out the window
  • jumping high above the clouds and imagining that when I fall, I’ll be somewhere else (got stuck in the clouds last time I did this, and only managed to get down after asking the dream to take me back to where I started)

Door don’t work for this purpose, and neither do the elevators (in fact, elevators usually make things worse).

Hi En’enra :content:

Okay, that’s something I could try too :grin:

I tend to stuck in walls, I’m a horrible ghost :sigh: It worked only once, when I ate a mushroom from Super Mario what turned me into one :tongue:

I just fly then

Oh well, to jump that high would scare me though I know it’s just a dream :shy: When this tickling feeling in my stomach gets too strong, I wake up. Once I jumped off a tree and that woke me up though I thought this would change my environment :bambi:

Thank you for your list! I’ll try backflipping when my other techniques aren’t working again :grin:

I’ve been to A LOT of places i’ve ‘never seen’ in lucid dreams; through flying away from my house. It has a way of making new scenery for me. Its really interesting.

Can’t say i’m one to post much, though. As a lot of my more resent lucids may not of fully been ‘lucid’. Still, it’s an interesting idea, isn’t it?