Dream Control Ablilites

Dream Control Abilities

Welcome to the most common dream control abilities article. This article will cover five popular things that people enjoy doing in their dreams and ideas about how to go about achieving those things in your LDs. This does not cover flying, as there is already an in-depth tutorial for that. You will notice that many of the dream control abilities may overlap each other, and in fact, if you learn how to do certain ones like shapeshift, then it may help you to do something else like becoming a superhero. Also, this article on dream control may come in handy for you as well. Mastering the techniques in this aforementioned article will make all of the below dream control abilities much, much easier to master. Additionally, check out this article on dream control so that you have a better understanding of how it works. Before you continue reading, it should be pointed out that belief is extremely important to dream control. If you actually believe in the dream that you can do a certain thing, then you will be able to. While this is easier said than done, it is an important point to remember. And without further ado, lets get started.


So, to begin with, we will start with shapeshifting, which seems to be one of the most popular things to do in a dream. Shapeshifting is simply changing yourself into something else. Whether it be into an animal, a tree, or anything else you can think of, you become that thing. As with most things in dreams, it is as easy or difficult as you imagine it to be. Some people are naturals, but others take awhile to perfect it. Here is an extremely helpful tutorial on how to perform transformations in dreams. I would suggest reading it if shapeshifting is something you really desire to do. Also, there is a list of suggestions on how to perform transformations in the forum archives. Feel free to check this out. It has a lot of cool and inventive ways on how to perform transformations. Also, if interested in changing into an animal, check out this LD4all quest.

[u]General Tips[/u]
	–Simply imagine yourself as the desired form that you wish to take. Think about how it feels to be that object or person.
	–Cover yourself up with something like a blanket, and tell yourself when you remove it that you will have transformed into your desired form.
	–Use something like a magic wand or magic potion to transform yourself.
	–Ask a DC to transform you.
	–Tell the dream that you want to transform into your desired form, and then let it happen.
	–Possess the DC or animal that you want to be. You can simply walk up behind them and enter them, you can ask them to switch bodies with you, you could use something like a magic wand to switch bodies with them, or you can come up with another way to possess the DC.

Popular things to shapeshift into:

  1. Animal
    Lets use a bird for example. First, think of which bird you want to transform into: A crane, a crow, an eagle, or any other bird you can think of. Now, you could use any of the tips above to complete the transformation. If you read the tutorial, it covers how to grow wings. That would be a popular way to do it as well. For animals, people have found that acting like the animal will often transform them into it. So, in the case of turning into a bird, perhaps try to run and then jump into the air and fly. Pretend like you’re flapping your wings by flapping your arms. Think about what it would feel like to be that bird, to have wings and feathers. You should find that before you know it, you are that bird.

  2. An Element
    This one can be tricky, and is probably not very easy for those who aren’t naturally talented at shapeshifting. I would suggest something like a magic potion for this one. If you wanted to transform into water, simply take the potion believing that it will turn you into water. Everyone will experience the transformation differently, but perhaps trying to feel the transformation will help it take place faster. Feel your skin getting soggy, and slowly start to feel yourself become more and more fluid, so that you feel like something that is liquid. Hopefully, at some point, you will simply fall apart in a watery splash and will have achieved your transformation.

  3. An Inanimate Object, Like a Tree or a Planet
    This one is also challenging for many people. Try to imagine what it would feel like to become that object. For instance, if you wanted to become a tree, imagine branches starting to come out of your side, and feel your feet start to go down into the ground and become roots. Your best bet for this transformation would be to use something like a potion or asking a DC to transform you.

  4. Werewolf
    This is a popular transformation. A lot of people just start running on all fours and they become the werewolf. You could also let a werewolf attack you and turn you into one as well. Additionally, try looking for a full moon somewhere in the sky and let the light from that moon slowly transform you into a werewolf.

  5. Another person
    This is probably not as popular as the other ones, but there are still a lot of people who like to do this. An extremely easy way is to walk up to the person and possess them. However, that isn’t necessarily shapeshifting. If the person is taller than you, try to cause yourself to become larger. If they have longer fingers, try using your fingers on one hand to stretch the fingers on the other hand. The first transformation article that I linked to covers how to manipulate parts of your body quite well. Try spinning, telling yourself that you will become that person when you finish. Also, simply look at the parts of you that you need to change to become that person, and will those parts to change accordingly.

Becoming a Superhero

This is another popular thing for people to do. In fact, there was even an LD4all quest on this very subject. Look at the quest for some helpful hints on how to become a superhero. This is pretty self-explanatory. You chose or create a superhero and become them. This can be very fun and can help with some other dream control abilities. The reverse is true too; some dream control abilities could help you to master becoming a superhero.

[u]General Tips[/u]
	–Simply Shapeshift or transform into your desired superhero.
	–If it’s a superhero like Iron Man, simply find or summon the Iron Man suit and put it on.
	–How did your superhero originally get their powers? Go through the same process yourself. For instance, if you want to be the Flash, get hit by lightning.
	–Just imagine yourself having those powers and using them.
  1. Superman
    Obviously, knowing how to fly will be helpful here. Also, if you know how to summon or transform, then you can easily obtain Superman’s suit. As for his super strength, remember that this is a dream and nothing in the dream technically has weight, so you are as strong as you want to be. Or actually believe that you have become Superman in the dream, and all of your abilities will simply work. However, that is easier said than done. Most of his other abilities, like heat vision or ice breath simply require you to believe that you have that power innately in the dream.

  2. Spiderman
    This has to be one of the most popular superheroes to become. Try to be bit by a spider and believe that it will give you Spiderman’s abilities. An easy skill to practice may be to try to crawl up buildings. Put your hand on the building, and try to climb it. Continue this until you find you are actually climbing the building. This should boost your confidence in your dream abilities. With this added confidence, try to sling your first web. Although this superhero may be easy to become for some, it will probably take some practice before you master it.

  3. Create Your Own
    The LD4all task provides a lot of helpful hints for this. Make sure to think about all the aspects of your character while you are awake, like their outfit and their superpowers. Some people might even benefit from sketching their own superhero IRL, so as to make it easier to become them in your dreams.

  4. Storm
    A lot of people want to control the weather in their dreams. Becoming Storm from X-men would be a simple way to do that. Drink a magic potion that turns you into her, walk through a mirror and believe that when you arrive on the other side you will be Storm, or find any other way to convince yourself that you have Storm’s superpowers and you will find that you now can control the weather pretty easily.

  5. The Invisible Woman
    A lot of people also want to know how to become invisible. Becoming the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four is an easy way to do that. Again, shapeshifting would help a lot here. However, you could also just act like you would if you were invisible, and if you believe that you are at least invisible to your DCs, then you probably will be. Also, like I’ve said countless times, you could also take a magic potion that turns you invisible.


This is simply the ability to change the dream scene in your LDs. It can be used in conjunction with other dream control abilities, such as dream stabilization. Also, it can be used for something such as shapeshifting or transformations. Simply teleport yourself using one of the below methods and tell yourself that when you reach the new dream scene, you will be in your desired form.

[u]General Tips[/u]
	–None. You can come up with your own ways of teleporting, but the options below are usually some of the most popular. Also, if you keep in mind where you want to go, then that dream scene should form; however, if you are feeling adventurous, then simply teleport somewhere and see what your subconscious mind forms as the dream scene.
  1. Mirror
    This is a personal favorite of mine. Many people are afraid of mirrors, but I don’t believe there is much to be afraid of unless you believe there will be an issue. However, because a lot of people have had disturbing experiences with mirrors, I caution you with trying to use them. Additionally, you can use them for far more than just teleportation. To use a mirror for teleportation, simply walk right through it. You will end up on the other side, which will be a completely different dream scene. Check out this LD4all quest on using mirrors for more ideas and examples.

  2. Spinning
    This is a very popular method of teleportation and is also a good stabilizing technique. Stephen LaBerge highly recommends using it as well. Nevertheless, I have seen that some people have an issue with this technique where it causes them to wake up. According to LaBerge, though, this is one of the most effective techniques, so it is probably worth a shot. To teleport using the spinning technique, simply start spinning. Picture in your head your desired location or dream scene, and when you feel like it, stop spinning. You should now be in your desired location.

  3. Dropping Suddenly
    This is also a good dream stabilization technique. Go up to a high place, either through flying or by standing on something like a rooftop. Just fall from the roof or stall out in the air and start to drop. Picture your new scene in your head and you should find yourself in your desired dreamscape when you hit the ground.

  4. Use a Door
    Tell yourself that when you arrive on the other side of the door that you will be in your new location, walk through the door with absolute belief that it will work, and you should find yourself in your new dream scene.

  5. Portal
    Perhaps a fun way to teleport, portals can be simple or complicated. You could imagine that a portal to your new dreamscape will open up somewhere, or you could take your hands and tear the air to create a portal. A helpful tip I picked up from someone else’s post was that even if you don’t see the portal that you tried to create, jump through it anyways. Perhaps it is just an invisible portal.

Element Bending

This is manipulation of the elements like water or fire. This is definitely one of the most popular dream control abilities. Obviously, the becoming a superhero section could help with this, and this could help you with becoming a superhero. Check out this LD4all quest that had to do with element bending to see some examples.

[u]General Tips[/u]
	–Watch movies or tv shows with element bending. This will give you ideas and ways to imagine what it might look like.
	–Try imagining yourself doing this while IRL. Picture in your mind what would happen if you were using the element bending ability.
	–If you’ve ever seen the X-men movies, pay attention to how Magneto uses his abilities. For me personally, that is how I would imagine manipulating and bending the elements.
  1. Water
    Jump into a shallow or deep body of water. Stand still and imagine a force field or bubble surrounding your body. Ensure that no water is in your force field. If there is some it’s not a big deal, but if there is no water in it, then that should strengthen your belief in the bubble actually being real. Now, mentally or verbally order that force field to expand, and watch as the water rushes away from it. If you feel like it, try changing the shape of the force field so that you can manipulate the water in anyway you like.

  2. Earth
    Stand on some dirt. Feel your feet on the ground. Then jump into the air and come crashing down. As you feel your impact on the ground, try to actually feel the ground and manipulate it with your will. You could also try to stick your palm out, facing the dirt or ground, and imagine some kind of invisible force coming out of it that will push and manipulate the dirt, similar to what you did with water.

  3. Fire
    In your dream, stick your hand in a fire, and try to catch a ball of flames in your hand. Once you have done this, remove your hand with your palm remaining open, and you should hopefully have a ball of fire hovering in your palm. Now try to manipulate it with verbal or mental commands.

  4. Electricity
    Walk up to an electrical source, like an outlet, and proceed to shock yourself in the dream. Instead of actually being shocked, try to capture the electricity in your hands. If you succeed, then try to manipulate the electricity and shoot it out of your hands or fingers.

  5. Air
    Becoming Storm here would really help. Watch X-men 2 to see her bend air into multiple tornadoes. You could also try to feel the air on your skin, visualize it all around you, and then either use your hands to direct it, or use a verbal command to tell it what to do.

Entering a Movie
Entering a movie is exactly the way it sounds. In your dream, you enter a movie that you have seen IRL, and either become a part of that movie or become one of the actual characters in the movie. This is a fairly popular ability for people. Once in the movie, you could change the storyline or simply live out one of your fantasies. The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for movies that are related to dreaming, then check out this list.

[u]General Tips[/u]
	–Look for a tv playing the movie you want to enter. Go through the tv screen and you should find yourself in the movie.
	–Try teleporting directly into the movie.
	–Just start acting like one of the characters and believe that the movie will form around you in the dream. Before you know it, you will be acting as that character and participating in the movie.
            –Walking through a door and expecting a scene from the movie you want to enter to be on the other side is an easy way to go about this.
  1. Inception
    Dive into a sleeping DC’s head and imagine that their dream is the movie inception. Also, try finding a device, even if it is not like the one they used in the movie, and start using it and acting like you’re actually part of the movie.

  2. X-men
    Become one of the X-men and summon other X-men into your dream. Then create your own story or start interacting with them as your character would do in the movie.

  3. The Matrix
    Reach into your pocket and pull out a red pill. If that doesn’t work, then use some other method to find a red pill. If you want to enter the movie, simply take the red pill, and then walk right through a door into the movie. If you decide that you don’t want to enter the movie, take the blue pill instead. :cool:

  4. Harry Potter
    Summon or find a wand somewhere in your dream. Cast your own spell with the wand and cause the scene to magically change in front of you. You could also bewitch something like a door, tv, or mirror and then travel through it, knowing that your spell caused that object to become a portal into the movie.

  5. The Simpsons Movie
    This one can be quite a challenge for many people, but it should be noted that some have an easy time with this. The first challenge is to be able to become a 2D object, because you are entering an animated movie. Try teleporting to Springfield, knowing that when you get there, everything will be in 2D instead of 3D. Before attempting this, try to imagine IRL and especially in the LD, what it might be like to be two-dimensional. Also try to imagine your world being two-dimensional. If you are often in a third person perspective in your dreams, you may find it helpful to use this to view your entire dream as two-dimensional. Once you have mastered the ability to get your dream to appear in 2D, then you can try to enter the dream from a first person perspective.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you, or at least inspiring, in your pursuit of certain dream control abilities. Make sure to search around on the forums for additional tips on how to use these dream control abilities. The links provided throughout this article are also extremely useful and you should visit them at some point if you want to learn more about those techniques.

I would like to thank Ansie for her help with this article and a special thanks to Sandra for her many suggestions, links, and help that she has provided. :thumbs:


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