How do you expereince dreams?

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me that she experiences dreams almost exclusively through emotions (or at least that’s all she remembers when she wakes up.) For me, it has always been a string of images, and I assumed that how most people dreamed.

Hearing her describe how she dreamed made me curious about how other people dream. I’d love to hear what some other people have to say!

Just like real life. Except there are a few jumps when part of timeline is omitted. Or a ‘shift’ where dream continues but something changes eg location or DC changes.

Oh sometimes a whole dream or segment of it is viewed as DO (disembodied observer).

Great question and fascinating topic. Mine have a heavy emphasis on visual and spatial elements, probably since I’m extremely visually-oriented IWL, and most often through the act of travelling on foot (another major WL influence).

Also, like you Moogle, I sometimes experience a detached perspective, as well as a completely narrative-free, observer of abstract concepts either simply appearing or going through certain processes (always challenging to fit those into a dream journal verbally!!)

Also now that I think of it, I occasionally have tactile and taste experiences - the actual sensation remaining incredibly strong in memory after awakening. I’m keen on examining what potential factors might shift our regular dream experience into a different sort.

EDIT - How could I forget! I occasionally experience pure geometric shapes and/or colour. It’s tricky to explain concisely. For a while, I had a phase where shapes and colour were hugely prominent, during which I had the most vivid encounters with pure shape and colour. Less so nowadays, but it’s moved into a more kinesthetic/spatial experience. I’d absolutely love to compare notes with anyone who’s also exploring and wondering about this kind of experience. Plenty of discoveries to be made!!

Mine are usually very similar to real life, from a visual perspective. But not all rules apply, especially physics. I guess that’s to be expected though.