How do you fit LD:ing into a busy schedule?

Hidiledodelidoo everybody. I’m Larry Boy! :cool_laugh:

I’m been interested in lucid dreaming for… 2 years now I think. I’ve been trying in periods to achieve a lucid mind, and actually been on my way getting somewhere from time to time. That is not to say I’m even close to being in the same league as the big guys. My LDs aren’t very realistic, nor do they last very long. But I’ve noticed an increase in times I realize I’m dreaming. Actually, I become lucid pretty much every time I’m sexually aroused in a dream (or at least the times I remember I am). Must be because every time I see a hot chick in waking life, I think “please tell me I’m dreaming, please tell me I’m dreaming”, or something :content:

Isn’t a great idea by the way? Every time you see a pleasantly looking human being of the opposite gender, just think that if this was a dream, you could do whatever you wanted. And if you’re like me, thinking about girls about all of your waking time, you’re likely to dream about them just as much. And since you’re performing state tests all the time you see 'em when you’re awake, you’ll probably become lucid pretty often. :grin:

Anyway, my problem is time, or rather the lack thereof. For the time being, I’m in Japan as an exchange student. For most people (I assume), being an exchange student in Japan means you’re busy busy busy and busy. When it comes to me, I study Japanese as a freak every day, practice Aikido, play the piano, and try to spend some time with friends in between all of this. It’s a great experience being an exchange student, but sometimes you really feel like this fella’ because of the tiiight schedule :clown:

Back in Sweden, where I usually live, I can spend days practising LD exercises if I want, even if my late night habits use to prevent me from writing down my dreams on a regular basis. Even if I get to bed earlier now, I still don’t feel I have time to write down my dreams properly in the morning.

How do you guys usually deal with this problem? I assume this is pretty usual. I try to write down at least a few keywords in the morning but usually I can’t recall much later in the day. Should I just keep going on as I am, or should i make some changes in the schedual, like going to bed two hours earlier, get up early, study, the go back to sleep again? But then I don’t know if I can go back to sleep again. Is it just a matter of getting used to it? Does meditation or some other method relaxing technique help in this case? It would really be nice to be able to get up like that in the night, record one’s dreams, study or something, then make som LD exercises and go back to sleep. Does anybody else have the problem of not being able to get back to sleep very easily after getting up in the night?

I suppose it depends what methods you are using but the basic and most important factors in learning to lucid dream do not require a lot of time.

Firstly, keeping a dream journal takes no time as it only requires you to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. You can even do this shorthand or with notes.

Secondly, doing reality checks during the day and seriously considering if you are dreaming or not doesn’t take up much time. You can just do it during your normal working day. While you go shopping you may decide to RC everytime you see a clock. When you see one just check around you and look for clues. Then continue your shopping if it turns out your awake!

Just think about your lucid dreaming and reality checks during your busy hours and it should be enough motivation to get you started!

lol unless you are just swamped and busy while you sleep, you should have no problem.