How do you guys keep motivation?

Yall know me, I dunno if some of the newer people do, but I used to be highly motivated in the LD scene. In January I had 9 LDs. then in Feb all that motivation just went away. I cannot explain it. I have tried and tried but no matter what I do I cannot get myself motivated todo the inducion methods or even record in my DJ anymore. I have tried things myself, now I ask you all especially the regulars to the forums, how do you keep at it?

You had 9 LDs? isnt experiencing it enough to keep you motivated? I cant speak as i havent ever had an LD, but i feel that I wont be giving up anytime soon since i just began Stephen Laberges book. Just reading it makes me motivated enough to try my best in anyway possible to get LD’s. Once i finish that book, ill certainly pick up another book about dreaming and if there isnt anything specifically about LD’s i will pick one up just on how the mind/dreaming works etc.
I have even stopped some activities i really enjoy to make time for reading about lucid dreams/surfing on forum and also going to bed earlier.

For me, having a period of less motivation somehow always gets solved because I get natural LD’s. Once I “remember” again how cool LD’s really are, my motivation goes up automatically. It might also help to set certain goals for yourself what you want to do in a LD, just jot down some very cool stuff and be sure to read the list before you go to sleep each night. Finally remember that we all have our ups and downs, your lack of motivation might disappear as fast as it came, but don’t count on that, it’s way too cool to have LD’s :razz:

I just read about LDs others have had and that keeps me motivated. Also having LDs or even fun NDs.

The problem with getting lots of LD’s is that you start to think it’s easy, and so put less effort in.
You then get less LD’s and you’re motivation goes down…

I find there are two good ways to get my motivation up:

  1. have an LD :wink:
  2. think about how cool past LD’s where :cool:

For me it also works to have a goal to do in a LD. For example a sealife project or an experiment in the lab.

Or read the BIG fav things to do in a LD topic, that might spark some motivation :smile:

When my motivation goes down, I just keep doing my RCs, keep my DJ, etc, but I don’t actually try to have a lucid dream. That kind of ‘chilling out’ usually works, and I’ll have a spontanious LD. That lucid dream will motivate me to start trying harder again :smile:

i have lost my motivation many times…it seems like i just start 2 love it so much that i start 2 get bored…so i just try 2 think that lucid dreaming isnt like just a super awsome time every so often…i think that i have a whole nother life other than the “real world”…i try 2 think that going 2 the “dream world” is something i have 2 do cuz its my other life and eventually i will have a very good lucid dream and realize that i cant ever live without it.

Thanks everyone, I think sureal hit the nail on the head with me. I was having so many in january that the last few I had that month came without any WILD/MILD Methods, so I slacked off on the DJ and whatnot, now I have lost the feel for dreams.

Maybe once i get another LD I will remember how cool it is, ima force myself todo RC’s throughout the day again and writedown any little thing I remember about my Dreams. Thanks everyone

I think to an extent everyone goes through this from time to time. Like surreal said we get lazy and do not put much effort into lucid dreaming and therefore have less ld’s.

I also have found that just the stress of life can be a barrier. We have so many other things to worry about that we don’t think about lucid dreaming as much. One way to turn this around is to try and use you lucid dreams to find answers to problems you may be having. If nothing else think of your lucid dreams as a vacation away from your daily stress. Give yourself permission to have that time where your problems don’t exist.

WhiteWolf, i’d be motivated by the fact that when i have a ld i go to a place that is private my own and i can do as i like and escape from the daily stresses of life. Also the fact that others cannot experience this with as much ease as you can so i would feel somewhat grateful.

I have a friends who are interested in LD and every time when I am not motivated I just start conversation with them about LD. They can inspire me.

I’ll add on to the agreeing with looking at past LDs and other people’s diaries and such. Anything that can spark a remembrance of how a LD feels like is perfect for motivation. However, I must say, I wouldn’t stress about acquiring motivation. That only adds on to your “todo” list before you think you can have a LD. Instead of worrying about it, just realize that LDs are something that everybody is capable of achieving. LDs are just as easy to acquire as normal dreams; all it takes is you saying that you want to have one and you’ll get one. Motivation certainly can help, but it shouldn’t be seen as an expensive fuel that you have to obtain first.

My motivation is that i know that not if but WHEN i achieve an LD i will be able to do all these great fun things and be able to just do whatever you want to do in an LD. Thats all the motivation i need, and i hope its all the motivation anyone needs.

Generally when I start to lose motivation, I try and find inspiring artwork and music to help me remember the wonder and awesomeness of lucid dreaming. This seems to do the trick for me usually:

I myself haven’t been keeping up with inductions at all. However I do manage to keep logging my dreams just in case I want to try inductioins whenever I want. Plus it strengthens my recall, which when I am good and ready, I can induce and remember them. :smile:

Just take my advice, keep at least recording your dreams. Thats what I do. Sometimes I cant find the motivation to login to my dream journal, so I will jot the main topic line down on a peice of paper, and record it days later. Sometimes I forget to record that one night of dreams. I have one dream that I still have not put in. X_X

man I get wat u guys are saying but I have the same problem keeping motivated… always, right after a lucid dream, I am motivated but motivation is only temporary so its no good to rely on that… I think it’s just a conscious effort to do it - making it a habit, that will be the winning bet…

the last dream I can remember that had me motivated for lucid dreams wasn’t even a lucid dream… simply cuz it was so realistic… maybe I personally don’t care so much as for the dream to be lucid as I do for the dreams realism to be max’d out!

I know what you mean, i really want to LD but lately my efforts and determination are slipping, probably due to the fact that techniques can be so frustrating some times, for example i have never had SP or HI but still i’ll persist.

I don’t have enough time in my schedule right now to devote to sleep…


So my motivation is pretty damn low.

I keep my motivation up by reading other people’s LD s. I especially love action in LD s. Super human fights or something similiar.

Those motivate me a lot, and whenever I read them, I get a DILD even without thinking about it.

DJ s are just so powerful!

I also keep my motivation up by staying around here, and knowing I will have a LD tonight. When I have LD s, they are usually really cool which motivates me even more. :happy: