The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III

This is Part 3 of the “BIG Favorite thing to do in a LD” topic.

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Things changed over the years,I guess with age and ld experience things change.

1.See my dead g/f agian(kinda strange I guess,but I missed her a lot)
2.Sex Sex Sex and did I mention sex? :content:
3.explore different worlds
4.fight evil monsters(Gremlins lmao lots of gremlin slashing,dragons,skeletons,etc)
6.exploring space and planets control
8.spirit guides
9.speaking with myself(as a child) very cool actually,I suggest everyone give that a try at least once
10.exploring space and planets
11.time extension
12.stablizing the senses

and a few others i’m probably forgetting.

I don’t really know what I want to do next(other than keep working on 11 and 12) I guess i’ll just have to have an LD that gives me inspiration to do something more meaningful(to myself).

How about staring at the sun? Bet nobody’s thought of that. It was mentioned in a fantasy book I read last night. Makes me want to get back properly into LDing… in fact, I think I will! :grin:

I dunno if anyone still posts in this topic but I wanna suggest some things.

I haven’t had a lucid dream yet but here are some things I would like to do.

  1. Eat random things like part of a wall or a tree.
  2. Be really good at a sport or something else, like being good at skateboarding or soccer.
  3. Walking around town butt naked and see what people say
  4. Punch every single person I see in the face.
  5. Play the guitar really good.
  6. Try and shoot a bullet through my finger. :content:

I would like to:

  1. fly more often
  2. visit dead realitives
  3. study for tests in LD’s (since I can really dig into my subconscious and remember better… supposedly)
  4. explore the dream world
  5. enter and take part in movies I have seen.
  6. maybe a little bit of sweet lovin :shy:

What I seem todo:
1.teleport myself,objects, and other people.
2.Eat alot (it does taste remarkable)
3. transform things (like cop cars into chickens for anyone keeping up with my LD:DJ… LOL) and my enviroment.

My dreams are very empty of people so I would like to create some original DC’s. I’d also like to be more aware of smell, taste, feel etc.

I don’t have that many people in my LDs either, but that’s a good thing. Because then they can’t convice me that it’s not a dream :tongue:

What I would like to do in LDs is to remember to do the things that I’m supposed to do, not just walk around and not being able to remember what I was supposed to do. Then waking up without getting anything fun done :neutral:

i’ve 2 lds and only had one ld where i did something fun, and that was become Captain America and fly and chop a giant wooden airplane in half with my shield!

As soon as I have my first :smile:

  1. Flying of course
  2. Morphing… tis kewl you know…
  3. Having supa powaz :happy:
  4. Meeting myself as a kid
  5. Have extreme fighting skills (Im sorry… Im just like that :smile:)
  6. Creating a whole city
  7. Exploring space and new worlds
    :cool: Have telekinesis through sleep (But thats impossible :smile:)

I will come up with more stuff :smile:

  1. Be the playboy king.
  2. Long and full control LD.
  3. DBZ powers.
    Hail LD. :wiske:

I’ve done the third one, took me a few years of practice though.

Ohh, things I’d like to do in a LD.

  1. Make myself travel to different places, like beaches, jungles, etc.

  2. Enter a friend of mines dreams, then ask him what he dreampt about the following day.

I’m sure there are lots of other things, but I’d really have to practice LD excercises more.

Well, I haven’t had a LD yet, but when I do…

Swimming around and breathing!
360 Vision!
Create some music!

I dunno, I’m sure I’ll come up with some better things later that haven’t been thought of before.

my fav things to do are:

  1. create energy through my hands… and even shoot energy balls and blow things up
  2. drive a car as fast as I can
  3. meet spiritual entities
  4. fly to the moon, and try push it… (maybe push the moon into the earht and watch it all blow up)


:good: that’s a good one

I’d also like to…
shine a torch at the sky
dig a hole in the garden
put a glass to the wall and listen to my neighbours

I’d create my own mansion where I would always start my lucid dreams and every room could have a different purpose. I could change it all and make it really cool looking and design it all. It’d rock.

Or do something fun that you did recently that you can’t do anymore:

Recently we did ping pong in gym and now we aren’t doing it anymore. I could play ping pong, and it’d rock!

Or dig a hole to china!

Or turn into a monster and scare people on Halloween.

Or practise something in a dream. Like pen spinning, magic tricks or some other thing that takes practise. oh oho ho I want a lucid dream!!!

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Ok wait, I had a really weird thought…

If anything is possible in a LD, couldn’t you just lay back and do everything you wanted to at once, or just feel everything good all at once and feel awesome if you have complete control?

Why bother doing something to get the positive consequences? It’s not like we need to, we’re dreaming, nothing is real!

Why bother becoming invisible and scaring people? It’s a dream, we don’t have to do it to feel the fun, do we?

I’m not really sure what you mean, how could you do it if you are not doing it… I think you are getting a little too philosophical about the whole thing :smile:

@ dig a hole to china… LOL… them cartoons :smile:

if you dig from israel, you won’t end up in china :cool:

I want to make some music in my next LD, and remember it when I wake up

Yeah I should do that, I make some music on mah computron, but I don’t have the skills in Fruity Loops to do it very well. If I made a song in a dream and remembered it I wouldn’t be able to recreate in FL… I could try, but I think I would just get frustrated.

good stuff.
had afew where instead of flying, i was floating, like sitting in a hammock, floating like a feather on a breeze. like being held by a giant, cupped hand.
floating takes bit of concentration, whereas flying is quick and constant, usually, floating seems to take concentration, to rise or fall.
besides floating/ flying, id like to…

  1. be chased by a dog
  2. be chased by a dog and a turkey
  3. be chased by a dog, on a turkey.
    4.go into an office and place a brick on top of a napkin in an office.
    5.find the start of wind
  4. realize that snake anthony is not a small chinese woman.
  5. listen to sound in a vacuum.
  6. float frogs with 360 degrees of high powered magnets.