The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVI

:wave: hello Radagar

you should feel just as rested as after a normal night’s sleep, you were probably trying too hard as you guessed. as you have Lds before, you know you will be able to experience them again, so try and relax a bit more. :grin:

I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all :happy:

Thanks for the welcome Moogle. This is a great site.

/me whistles innocently and walks off…

Hey Everyone, :wink:

I’m new to this forum, and I love it already! :smile:

I have always loved dreams and dreaming. I lucid dream but not consciously yet. I’m working on practicing lucid dreaming consciously. I feel it will help me practice manifesting in this 3D reality.

The dream world is the real world!

Lo Bob :cool:. And welcome to ld4all :wink:.

If you lov dreaming, then your certainly in the right place. Also - you say you ‘lucid dream, but not consciously yet’. Could you, um, explan on this a little? cos a lucid dream is a dream you’re concsious (that is - a LD is a dream in which you’re aware you’re dreaming).

:eek: I just read your intro post and then you arrived in #dreamtime :eh:
It was great to talk to you “live”

Welcome to the ld4all forum, I’m sure you will enjoy being a member here.
I’ll give you the link to the topic I mentioned in chat
Sticky: The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III [The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III)

Sticky: How to Choose Your Technique (WARNING: LONG) I didn’t mention this but it gives the different methods of inducing LDs.

Hey moogle, :wink:

Thanks, it was great talking to you ‘live’ too! Thanks again for the great advice. I’m digging deeper into the information on this forum as we type. :tongue:

Talk to you again soon! :smile:

Ah, okay :smile:.

Hi everybody ! :wave:

My name is Greg and I’m a kind kind French boy (21) who remained interested in dreams since young. I experienced LD’s at a time I had in particular to cope with recurrent nightmares :cookiemon:, but that’s now many years since I haven’t had any more. Since several weeks, I’ve been astonished and excited to find on the web so many resources on the topic, but I feel like I found here a real cosy nest for dreamers :love: : I hope I’ll share with you my efforts and progress in retrieving my abilities.
I just started with WILD, MILD, RC, WBTB :read:. I am generally allowed to remember some of my ordinary dreams each night ; I’ve been feeding a dream journal (in French :peek:) at for two weeks.

Thanks for welcoming me,
See you on a thread or another :ok:


hello Greg, welcome to the ld4all community. I couldn’t resist having a fast peep at your journal, even though my french is very poor now. :shy:
I look forward to seeing you on other threads. :boogie:

Hello everyone.I love dreams and they play a profound part in my life.I believe becoming lucid or awake in the Astral is imperitive to the Spiritual growth I seek.I have kept a dream journal for many years,though have periods of time when I cant recall them.Lately has been dream bonanza however.Looking forward to chatting. :smile: :wiske: Love that Girl Smile

:wiske: Hey Vee up there recommended this site. Hi Vee,so your a “Red Lunar Dragon” sounds cool.

Hello all.
I’m new here, i’m just starting out. It will take some practice to get this stuff down. I’m up for the challenge.

Welcome Cindy and SignalRed. I’m pretty new here too, but glad to have ya.

Hey cindy! Great to see you here! I see you love dreams too. That is awesome! :smile:

Yup, I’m a red lunar dragon. Weird cause I’m not really attracted to dragons. Maybe this is a sign for me to embrace them more. :lol:

Hey SignalRed. Welcome to the boards! You will get it with some practice. All it takes is an openmind with intention and I can tell already that you have that. :smile:

:cheer: :boogie: more new members :happy:
:wave: welcome to ld4all cindy and SignalRed
it’s great to see how fast our community is growing :wiske:


:woah: :eh: loud, you woke me up :tongue:

:wave: welcome to ld4all Makaze, something tells me you would enjoy visiting our ld4all rap thread in the playground forum :happy:
I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all :wiske:

Greetings all, I’m Frank, a.k.a SonicAD. I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreams for awhile now but I never really got serious about trying to have them until about a week and a half ago, and after getting one this morning I decided to come back here and join the forum.

Glad to meet some of you guys and I hope for many more LDs for all of us :smile:

Welcome Sonic, and congrats on yah first (well, I assume it’s your first anyways) LD :grin:.