The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XV


Welcome to ld4all. :smile:

Congratulations on your first lucid dream. :partying_face:

Glad you decided to join.

:wow: this topic is getting very busy again. :grin:
Welcome to ld4all :wave: DreamHunter, The Dude, ZongbongMaster and ClintonKennedy. :boogie: it’s great to see so many new people introducing themselves.

Yes, that’s for the warm welcome…I never thought about telling people my dreams cause I always have really weird dreams, but I come to notice that lately while I been about to talk about my dreams to other people, my dreams have been getting better and I’m able to control what I dream about.

On my reply, Yes, I thought that my subcon. was probably the reason why I could not keep my lucid dreams stable. It’s so weird though cause usaully I sleep with my mp3 player playing on my laptop and while the music is still playing, I’m able to stay lucid, listening to the music but as soon as the mp player stops playing, I begin to drop into a deeper sleep.

Hi, I am darakat, here because I want to learn to lucid dream (yeah yeah I know thats obvious from coming to this forum, but it feels better saying it). Anyway I am a student from Canberra Australia (yay) studying information technology/librarianship. Mostly interested in being able to stop and control my rather horrid nightmares really, but I want to explore other possibilities in lucid dreaming as well. Anyway I live a rather large and busy existence on the internet as well as in real life, however I will try and get back here when I can for a good read, which always helps.

Im new as well. I hope to start Lucid Dreaming soon. My main Motivation for joining this forum is to read stories of others lucid dreams. And to find useful information that will aid me in my quests for lucidity. I look forward to interacting with all of you.

:wave: hello darakat and Simon Belmont :boogie:
I hope you both enjoy your time at ld4all
there are lots of posts telling about lucid dreams, there is also the “favourite things to do in a LD” topic which can give you ideas of what to do in your lucid dreams.
it’s now upto part 3 :cheer:

Hello everyone! My name’s allegra and I have been lurking on this site for a while. Everyone here seems like pretty amazing people, and I look forward to getting to know you guys.

Hi and welcome, allegra :cool:

I look forward to getting to know you!

I am amazed at how this forum just keeps growing. :smile:

Welcome darakat,Simon Belmont,allegra

:balloon: :partying_face: :beer: :good:

You all definitely came to the right place to learn about lucid dreaming. The information on this site is second to none in my opinion. After you look around if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Hey everyone, i know this is going to sound repetitive, but i have never heard of lucid dreaming before i watched Waking Life…now i am EXTREMELY interested and excited about the whole topic…ive always loved to dream, and without really trying i am usually good at remembering at least one dream a night…well i bought a book today at my gf’s bookstore at University California Riverside, the book is called “Lucid Dreaming”–a concise guide to awakening in Your dreams and in your life—

Ive read about half of the book and find it pretty helpful, i think the MILD method suits me best. im just going to start a book collection on the topic…i just wanted to say Hello to everyone…happy dreaming!!

Whats up dude. Welcome. The more you read up on LDing and the more you post on this forum, the better chance you will have lucid dreams.

I’m glad you decided to register … in addition to being able to post now, it opens up more forums for you to read :smile:
:wave: I hope you enjoy being a full member of ld4all
:grin: hello Dougie Boy (I merged your intro post into the sticky topic). Welcome to ld4all.

to increase the chances of having a LD include WBTB too :wiske:

Hi folks! :peek:

I’ve just registered on this nice forum, some may know me already from #ld4all (but well, in this channel subjects are often a bit… off-topic, to say it gently :wink: ). I’m living in a small village in Austria, 17 years old, still going to school. I haven’t had a lucid dream so far but I think I’m on my way to it - just begun reading “Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming” one or two weeks ago and I am now working on my dream recall (have of course started a journal), which works quite good, so far.
Well, I’m glad to have found LD4all because I find the idea of lucid dreaming amazing and I hope I’ll get this ability somewhen in my life :smile:

Best regards,


Welcome to ld4all. :smile: I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

Anyone can learn to lucid dream it just takes time and practice. If you put forth the effort I have no doubt that you will soon make lucid dreaming a part of your life.

Hi! my name is Sierra and i’m a new member, I haven’t been LD-ing for very long but will hope to get better at it!!
BTW this is a great website!! :universe: :tryfly: :obe:

Welcome Dreaming Sprite :smile: :partying_face:

Glad you joined us and I look forward to hearing about your lucid dreams.

:wave: hello theStack and Dreaming Sprite, welcome to ld4all :cool:
You’ll find the ld4all community very friendly and helpful
you will soon improve your dreaming abilities :grin:

Hi, I’m new and was lurking for a while ect. ect. No LDs yet but I think I’m gettin’ there. =D

:peek: [b]Hi! :grin:

I’ve been wanting to have LDs since forever… I just never knew they had a name, and that so many people where into it. I always remember my dreams, but they’re always like a movie I’m watching. I’m in it, but I don’t realize at that moment that I’m dreaming. Then I wake up and remember it, and think damn how could I not know I was dreaming. :confused: :help:
I want to LD because it’s a limitless world. it’s a great way to get out of this world and have some fun! :cool:

I saw waking life yesterday and I loved it. I’m downloading it now so I can analyze every word :tongue: lol!

For anyone who’s interested: I’m almost 16, I’m American and I live in Amsterdam. I filled in my interests in my profile :wink:

well, I’m going to go see the rest of the forum.

I love the site by the way, the whats and hows and whiles are really going to help I think.


Hey, y’all! Southern belle from the Southeastern USA here!

…just kidding.

Nah, mic882 is fine. Or Mic. Or Kika. I’m a lurker and I got interested in LD’ing sometime last year. Unfortunately, my computer broke when I got into it – but now I’m jumping back into the scene. So far, I’ve had one LD (Thursday night!) and it was great. :smile: I hope I can make some new friends.