The ‘Keys’ to Lucid-Dreaming

In my opinion, one of the biggest keys to lucid-dreaming is your motivation.

Someone who is very motivated to work to have LD’s will probably be much more successful than someone who just wants to have LD’s but really doesn’t do anything to become a better lucid-dreamer. Note that what I just said is really hypocritical because I’m exactly like the latter! :tongue:

So, one could say that to become better at lucid-dreaming, the first step that you have to take before all others is to actually become motivated.

I made this topic to identify the ‘keys’ to lucid-dreaming and find out how to make a Lucid Beginner motivated so that she/he could and would become a successful lucid dreamer.

I’d love to see what you people have to say. :smile:

Linked to motivation are: intent, patience and perseverance.

I think patience is indeed a key factor. I see many ‘new’ people complaining on the forum that “after 2 tries with MILD i havent had any succes”… One should stick at least several weeks with practissing one technique.

One of these reasons could be found the BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic…:slight_smile:

I agree. Work is a elementary factor!
And I’m a lazy one too! :content: hehe Lazy people love to talk, and tell others what they should do! :content:
Another day I talked to a LD’er in msn, don’t remember his nickname 'cause he rarely appears in the forum.
I was explaining him what I usually did when trying to WILD. - never actually succeeded, but I came near.
Talking to him about that made me want to try again.
I was actually trying everynight, but with very low effort.
That same night I gave it a hard(er) try and had some success!
I’ve been trying more again, and the other night I came real close to having a real WILD.
The night after I didn’t actually get into the dream but I found some new things about me! (i was going to right, us)

So things are moving forward!
Try hard, you’ll improve.

By The Way, I have another key factor to add to the list!
Define your goals. I always thought it was kind of silly, because the goals are pretty obvious. I want to do this, that and that! Like that.
But that night(that I’ve mentioned to you) in which I discovered new things about me, I discovered I need to define my goals to!
I was talking on the phone with my sub-conscious or as I like to call him God. I didn’t remember hearing his questions but I remember answering. And I was telling him what I wanted from LD’s.
As he didn’t seem satisfied I woke up and tryed to figure out what else or what do I really want from LD’ing. - think I figured it out, now. at least a flash!
Hope I made myself clear.


A key to the motivation that You seek could be said to be the Realization that the techniques used in order to lucid dream are, in fact, not actually work.
Your Mind is forever functioning why not simply direct it to where You wish for it to be.
Your Mind is always thinking so why not think of lucid dreams? Or more precisely why not focus on the mental techniques that lead to lucid dreaming.
It is not work if You would be doing it anyway.
Many would shy away thinking it to be hard, when in fact it takes little effort.

I agree with Mindfull! When you try hard, it doesn’t seem that hard. That happened to me in a lot of areas of my life, although I never kept trying hard! Lazyness is my dear devil.
But that first night I tryed WILD harder, it felt good, it was easy to do and it motivated me to try again! :content:
So… Do it!



What I find really annoying about my mind is that in order to think about LDs I almost have to try…it’s not like it’s naturally in my sub-conscious.
For example, today I was walking around and I was thinking about random stuff that happened today (breakfast, playing drums, etc.), and I had to actually say to myself (almost “interupt” my mind’s natural fun) “Okay, I needa talk about LDs now”. But I find it weird cause like, I’m obsessed with LDs, and I’m always on this site and stuff…

Does anyone else have this problem, or have a solution fir this problem?

Peace out,
Dili Dali

Hey, pasQuale, since you’re the founder of this site, I’d like to ask: ¿How many LD’s you have every night on average? I’d guess that you’re obviously a very advanced lucid-dreamer.

By the way, ¡congratulations on making such an awesome site for lucid-dreamers to go onto! :clap:

Yeah! Definetely pasQuale. Good question, Zhervoskepet!

In my opinion, one of the biggest keys to lucid-dreaming is… practising a technique! :tongue:
It seems obvious, but some beginners have the feeling they’ll have lucid dreams just by thinking about… what could happen anyhow, but is more unlikely… :smile:

Hmmm…interesting. Thanks for the advice, Basilus West, because that’s what I do…I just think about LDs and hope it’s gonna happen… I should try some techniques…

Dili Dali

Even though I really want to have lucid-dreams, ¡I still find myself not motivated enough to do anything to achieve that goal! :cry:


Get motivated.
Sorry, but there is no technique for the motivation, the techniques come after that.
I guess You could read peoples Dream Diaries and let it inspire You, but it Really comes down to You.

check my DJ for my LD’s :wink:

no, i don’t have them every night. I have them now and then.

thanks :adored:

Thanks for the tips. :beer:

I agree with just about everyone, where most people fail at lucid dreaming (myself included) is usually the areas of motivation, willpower, etc.
The thing is, willpower waxes and wanes, so another tricky thing is finding the willpower to not give up when your willpower goes down.

That is so true… One thing I’ve found which sometimes helps me to strengthen my willpower, is to reread my old DJ’s, and especially the good ol’ LDs. Usually I can still remember them clearly upon reading them, and so I try to imagine myself back in those dreams as vividly as possible. I always pick the LDs with the strongest emotions or most impressive events. While visualizing, I try to reconstruct the whole play of emotions and sensations, and this alone often sparks again my willpower to have another one of these good LDs. After I’ve done that, I usually return to my recent dreams and imagine myself becoming lucid in those or what I might do while lucid. If you do this a few times a day or so, there might be a good chance that willpower returns :smile: Ofcourse only if you have the willpower to reread your old dreams and to do these visualizations :wink:

I like to do that to. I sometimes read my dream journal, but usually I like to read about other people’s dreams on this site for inspiration. Usually that gets me nice and motivated :smile: