the BIG Fav thing to do in a LD - Part II

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ok ok i got some…(probably already posted but these interest me and i’ll probably forget to add some)

  1. fly
  2. meet spirit guide
  3. be an animal
  4. get myself a nice nice nice car
  5. try to see my deceased cat again (just thought of that, dont know why, maybe i miss him a lot)
  6. be a great snowboarder
  7. walk through a mirror
  8. (taken from above) ask my subconsious from favors
  9. think of more to do

A lot of this stuff is easier said than done. It’s kind of hard to explain unless you have already had a LD. You might have a huge list of things you want to do, but you might only remember 1 or 2 when it comes lucid dream time. Maybe this is just me talking, but I never think of all the cool things I would want to do when the time comes. Maybe practice will change this.

same here. thanks for the negativity.

Heh, no problem! Well my advice is before you go to sleep that night think to yourself, “What is the one thing you would want to do if you have a lucid dream tonight?” After deciding on it (ie the setting, people there, etc.) visualize it in your head. Then you should be able to remember if you do have a LD that night/morning. Just don’t go crazy saying “omg, what am i gonna do what am i gonna do? I wanna fly, have sex, walk through walls, eat until my stomach explodes, spy on my neighbors, drive in a car really fast, woooeeey I’m gonna…” and so on. I think that could wake you up if you got too excited.

MILD (as detailed in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming) states that you should decide what you’d like to do in your LD before going to sleep that night, so it’s fairly common advice now. Certainly if you have your mind set on a particular activity that you’d really like to do, it would be a good idea to plan for it beforehand. For me though, what I do when I’m lucid depends almost entirely on where I am in the dream, and who I’m with.

Atheist, same here. But no matter where I am, I usually find an open place to fly around. Hmm I think it would be pretty cool if you started running around my block and burning down all the houses :cool_laugh:.

Sometimes I can only think of one or two things to do. I end up not flying, as I’ve done it before and want to try something else… And then I either can’t think of anything else, or I don’t seem to be able to do it, or the dream fades and I forget to spin… :tongue:

Ehm. A little morbid, but that’s alright… :neutral:


Same with me :cry:! Sometimes I can fly really well and others I can barely get off the ground.

Oh how nice… I didn’t reply to part one because it is one of my principles to read all posts before replying. So basically I did something else instead of reading for an hour.

But now that it is all of manageable proportions.

Things I’d like to do in my LDs that I haven’t done yet.

1- Destroy Blue once and for all (Blue is my nemesis who seems to pop out and give me a workover every time I get ‘deeper’ into my dream world.)

2- Enter my subconscious and modify myself, at the risk of severly fucking me up, I know.

3- Destroy the wall between conscious and unconscious, giving me full control of myself and my life.

4- Create a world I will automatically return to every night and resume where I left off. This is my ultimate ‘entertainment goal’ where dreaming will give me the fantasy life I never had.

I can’t think up anything less advanced that I haven’t done. None of the examples seen so far have covered it.

Ureon, you have mentioned some great ideas.

Ehh you sure you wanna try that? And in what way are you going to try changing yourself?

If you can successfully access the functions of your mind it would be like having the source code for a computer program.

You can remove phobias e.t.c., you can dictate how your physique will evolve and (I believe) even halt the ageing process. This is well worth the risk. I know you are surprised that a skeptic like myself would believe this but I have witnessed things that show it might be possible.

The problem is that however much you know C++, the programming language of a human brain is impossible to learn before you’re in there trying to modify it.

I have given myself false memories, and if I did manage to access my long term memory (as opposed to just remembering the dream as is) then I might get to other parts as well.

Well Ureon while dreaming our memory fuel acetylcholine is a 100 times more active then normal so indeed u could make new imprints or remove old ones…although i wonder if that would be with a 100% effectiveness always.


Hmm, I’m sure a lot of people would want to modify themselves… let’s hope no one goes overboard with it though, lest we create some kind of race of super-humans who can control their physical appearance, knowledge, phobias… :eh:

Well, it might happen… :wink:


Oh, to be able to modify my physical appearance… :neutral:
Phobias? That’d be pretty neat…

But I’ve just thought of something - if shared dreaming is real…
Takes knowledge from government officials concerning secret documents
Modifies teachers to have a fear of school
Modifies enemies to look like frogs
Erases friends’ knowledge of my embarassing moment yesterday
Oh, the power a lucid-dreamer would wield! Just don’t mess up the coding on accident… :tongue:

I remember, my second lucid moment, well… I knew I was dreaming, but I didn’t really take it as a “big deal” at the time…untill I woke up :content:
I put my hand up to a mirror in my room that wasn’t there in real life, like… I wasn’t trying to push through, but… just see what happened for some reason that’s beyond my normal life thinking.
My hands pulsated with this electric type energy that flowed into the mirror and out again into my fingers, making a little round blueish glow on the reflection of the tips of my fingers… it was pretty interesting, because I was thinking holy crap this is intense, i can actually “feel” this paranormal energy, creating it!!
then… I walked to my window and saw that it was pissing down with rain, people were outside trying to play soccer in this yard so alien to my own it’s not funny, but i just let it pass… I looked to the sky, concentrated on dem clouds and waved my arms to the side, ha… the clouds scrolled like curtains to the side, and let the bright blue/red sky shine a reddish-blue hue over the whole backyard, totally amazing.

I’ve never actually flew before, apart from 1 time… but uh… :slight_smile:

anya’ways, other than flying, there’s so much to do in a “world” where you have absolute controll and stuff… that a list is really unnessesary… i mean, do what ever you can imagine.

I dont think I would want to change my genetic code <( " )>
'don’t mind looking/thinking/acting the way I do… any psychological changes I would experience would be linked to some sort of mild skitzo-cased dillemma i had a few months ago, :help: tsk tsk…and would probably bring the thing back out again…but I wouldn’t mind going deep inside myself, and finding out who that person/thing… really was…and beat the dreamlights out of it :eek:

A few fun things that just popped into my head:

Fly outside the earth so that you’re underneath it. Then, like Atlas of Greek mythology, lift it up and carry it someplace, or maybe shrink it down and go bowling :grin:

Also, I have a lot of non-lucid dreams that really fascinated me. I’d like to recreate them and try and make some sense of what was going on.

Hehehe yourgod lol thats funny…may i use the other planets also for bowling…wow the sun is then a pre heated bowlingball that shines at its own track…must remember to wear fusion proof gloves lol! :tongue:


Sure, go nuts. Just be careful around Uranus. :roll:

I like to try to revisit dream scenes that have appeared in non-lucid dreams.

I’ve always had this recurring dream about a wet-weather creek that runs alongside my family’s farm, but in my non-lucid dreams, it’s a wide river that leads to fantastic places.

Recently in an LD I was able to completely re-create my dream scene to the farm and that river, but I didn’t stay asleep long enough to travel on the river.

Hope to get back there soon!